WhatsApp: new self-destructive voice messages available

The introduction of the functionality View once applied to Photo e video messages It’s certainly nothing new for WhatsApp.

The most famous messaging application in the world, in fact, introduced this functionality long ago 2021. We are, in fact, talking about content that cannot be forwarded, saved, marked as important or shared.

The news is that, thanks to the work of WhatsApp developers, this mode is now also available for voice messagesuntil recently unfairly excluded.

The update was announced by the app itself, through a post on X yesterday, complete with a video explaining how the introduction works:

Self-destructive voice messages on WhatsApp: how do they work?

Making voicemails self-destructing isn’t complicated.

As per practice, the message must be recorded by keeping your finger pressed on themicrophone icon, present at the bottom right of any chat. Below, select “1” in the circle before finally sending the message.

This type of function can be useful on several occasions. Who performs often private conversations o important, for example, self-destructive voice messages can benefit a lot. The View Once feature for voice messages will be gradually introduced over the next few days. Therefore, for some users it will be necessary to wait a little longer before being able to use it.

Despite this, it should be remembered that this type of content (even images and videos) is not entirely safe. The recipient, in fact, can do one screenshot of a photo or record the message through another app or tool external to your phone. Precisely in this regard, the WhatsApp developers themselves ask users to be extremely cautious and to use this interesting function only with trusted people.


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