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WhatsApp, new settings and call button for iOS

WhatsApp is undergoing rapid evolution, thank you to the incessant work of the developers who are introducing new features on the application and on any device, both in its version for mobile devices and for the one accessible from the desktop and from the web. There are also new features specially designed for those who use the app on devices supported by the iOS operating system, such as iPhones.

Among those announced, under development and testing, there is one that concerns the settings page which takes on a totally new aspect and one which provides for the introduction of a new call button.

WhatsApp for iOS, redesigned settings page: what to expect

A completely redesigned settings pagemore intuitive and easier to use to customize your experience on the platform, just as previously announced for android device app. This is what is expected for all users who use WhatsApp as an instant messaging application on iOS.

It is a novelty that at the moment it is still under development and that it will be released only after a test period which will allow the new functions to be perfected before spreading them to all users.

The new page will consist of a renewed tab in almost all of its parts, in which they will be present three shortcuts that will allow you to navigate quickly within the settings and to intervene on those concerning privacy, the contact list and the management of the personal profile.

A fourth shortcut will allow you to access a personal QR codewhich will assume ever greater importance in the future.

WhatsApp for iOS, the other changes to come

Changes are also coming for the group chat screen. An icon will be added here that will allow all participants in the conversation to initiate a call and choose within a menu whether to use audio only or video as well.

Previously it was possible to initiate calls and video calls through the two appropriate buttons, but these have been converted and integrated within a context menu that opens by clicking on the single call button present on the screen. The goal that we wanted to achieve with this introduction is the creation of an interface with an orderly, elegant and modern design.

At the moment, the function is only available to some lucky tester users who use the beta version of the platform, but, barring unforeseen circumstances, it will soon be spread to everyone those who use WhatsApp on iOS devices.

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