WhatsApp: news for Android, Desktop, Windows. Rumors about polls

Skin tone for the Reactions, advanced chat filter, voice notes and View once contents are the protagonists of today’s roll-outs, with the famous Whatsapp messaging which, in the meantime, prepares surprises also regarding future polls.
WhatsApp: news for Android, Desktop, Windows.  Rumors about polls

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The continuous operation to improve the user experience knows no pauses in that of WhatsApp which, in the past few hours, has started the roll-out of three new features, while it proceeds to develop a fourth, expected, improvement.

Recently, WhatsApp released an advanced filter function for companies, only to then consider developing it for ordinary users as well. The latter, finally, have begun to receive this function through the beta 2.2221.0 i of WhatsApp Desktop. In particular,. all this has resulted in a chat filtering button, placed next to the search bar which, if pressed, hides the already read chats and shows only the unread ones. Once these are finished, the user can cancel the filter and “restore the original view”.

In the past, however, it had emerged that the advanced filter function, destined to arrive on Android and iOS as well, could also go beyond the read-unread status for chats, also selecting groups and non-contacts and, therefore, it is not excluded that these options will also be added in the future.

The second new release concerns the WhatsApp beta release 2.2221.4.0 for Windows in the UWP version, downloadable from the Microsoft Store. If with the 2.2212.2.0 release it was reported the possibility of receiving photos and videos intended to be used only once (View once, with today’s update it is also possible to send photos and videos in View once mode. send the voice notes.

Although many are waiting for the possibility to modify the messages sent, the third novelty in release, provided through the beta of Whatsapp for Android still concerns the Reactions, already the subject of news regarding the automatically generated albums. Now, with the new update comes the possibility to choose the skin tone of the reaction, regarding the raised thumb and the clasped hands. Specifically, in the Reactions panel, the two aforementioned may be given in the same color with which they were used in the form of an emoji last time: consequently, “if you recently sent a thumbs up with a fair complexion, it will be available also in the reaction bar “.

There is also a fourth novelty in this recap, although it is not in roll-out and has only been discovered by WABetaInfo leakers via reverse engineering. Specifically, this novelty, found in the beta Of Whatsapp for iOS (distributed via TestFlight), concerns the surveys and shows how the relative results will be displayed, which – in this case – will bring the most voted option at the top (top option) and, just below, all the others, with each option also bearing the votes received, as a number for the absolute value and in percentage proportion on the whole.

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