WhatsApp: news for group calls and privacy management

Net of the new rumors on future improvements in charge of the Reactions, WhatsApp has just announced the official launch of two rounds of news, one of which for group calls and one for better management of personal privacy.
WhatsApp: news for group calls and privacy management

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Already dealing with various news and bug fixes in the past few hours, WhatsApp has not seen its creative streak run out even at the beginning of the weekend, as demonstrated by the roll-out of an awaited novelty in terms of privacy, and of a round of improvements for group calls, without forgetting, however, the development of future enrichments for reactions to messages.

The first round of Whatsuppian improvements of this weekend start was communicated by the CEO of the platform himself, Will Cathcart, who through a tweet on his official profile announced the arrival, both on Android and iOS, of some news regarding group voice calls, the number of participants of which has recently been increased to 32 members.

First of all, anyone in a voice call, not only who has started it, will be able to silence one or more participants, perhaps because, having not closed their microphone, they let noises pass that can disturb the person who is speaking at the moment. To do this, just touch the box of the chosen person for a pop-up menu to appear: inside it there will also be the voice to silence that user, with the consequence that its waveform will flatten from that moment, and then return to come alive when that contact is unlocked.

Another news announced, accessible from the same menu above, is the one that will allow you to send a private text message to a given contact, under the banner of a function, which will come in handy if you have to tell him something you don’t want. communicate vocally to all the others, or if it is a question of sharing perhaps a link relating to the topic you are discussing, without having to search, in the chat list, the chat started with it (or that you have to start one) to deliver the text message.

Another novelty announced for group calls, useful for knowing who is participating if they are very crowded, provides for the appearance of a notification banner at each entry of a new participant, with the name of the entrant and relative profile photo. .

Secondly, it is still the turn of a novelty officially communicated, both through the FAQ section and from the official WhatsApp profile on Twitter. Ban on mysteries, this is a function tested for long months and time given as in distribution for users all over the world, on the stable releases of Android and iOS of the messaging note, represented by the additional option “My contacts except”, which adds a further degree of control over the sharing of personal info, profile photo, and last access, allowing such data to be visible to all contacts in your address book, except those specified in a sort of black list.

Thirdly, we return to the functions still under development. With the beta release for Android and the beta release 2.2215.0 for Desktop, it emerged that WhatsApp was working to allow any emoji to be used as Reactions to messages. Well, with the beta release distributed via TestFlight, the WABetaInfo insiders have discovered that the platform is working to do the same on iOS as well: specifically, traces have appeared in the programming code relating to a section in which, under the recently used emoji row, you will be able to “select and search for any emoji you want to use to react to the message”.


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