WhatsApp: news for the management of contacts not in the address book. News also on UWP Windows

Without too much fuss, so much so that the news in question has been brought to the fore by the leakers, WhatsApp has introduced an important feature on Android regarding contacts not in the address book, and launched an interesting implementation also on PC.
WhatsApp: news for the management of contacts not in the address book.  News also on UWP Windows

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world. The merit of this success is also the fact that this platform puts practically, practically on a daily basis, new features available to its users, as also demonstrated, in the past few hours, with the release of two new versions, respectively for Android and PC.

Starting from the green robot, WhatsApp has distributed the beta for Android which affects the way in which we interact with a particular category of contacts, or those who are not yet present in our address books: in the past, the approach of WhatsApp was to “wash your hands”, entrusting the management of these contacts to the system, so much so that the user was brought to the pre-set dialer, where he could call, enter the contact, or (assuming that someone still uses them ) text us by SMS.

With the update, as also ascertained by the WABetaInfo leakers, the management of this type of contact changes, being finally WhatsApp itself to take care of it. Specifically, if you touch a number of this type, contained in a chat bubble, the platform will check if the same is already present on WhatsApp: if so, click the first “option” introduced, and then the chat app reveals a menu with three choice items, asking the user if he intends to directly start a chat with the holder of the number, or if he wants to add it to the phone book or call him (by relying on the default dialer in the mobile phone).

If the contact is not present on WhatsApp, the context menu will offer only two items, substantiated in the possibility of calling the owner of the number, or adding the number to the address book. At the moment, it seems that this improvement has been “unlocked” only to some beta testers and, therefore, if you do not notice it, it may be necessary to wait, a few hours or a subsequent update: it also seems that some users in possession previous betas may have received this news.

Moving on to WhatsApp for PC, after the arrival of the card that listed the favorite stickers, another update has arrived to WhatsApp in the UWP (universal windows platform) version, consequently brought to release 2.2212.2.0 via Microsoft Store. With the above update, the green messaging on the computer gains the possibility to see the photos and videos sent in the “once view” mode even if, demonstrating the embryonic nature of the implementation, it is not yet You can send multimedia contents in this mode.


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