WhatsApp news: here are the new text formatting tools

WhatsApp news: here are the new text formatting tools

The developers of WhatsApp have released several new formatting tools that will prove very useful for users to tidy up their text chats.

In this sense, the activation of the utilities involves the insertion of certain punctuation marks followed by a space that will make the text more tidy, enriching it and making it more readable than in the past.

Con i trattinifor example, it will be possible to create bulleted lists while a number followed by a point allows you to start a bulleted list. Using the symbol “>“, always followed by a space, you can add a citation.

With the inverse superscript, i.e. “`“, it is finally possible to play a code. Added to these formatting tools are those that have already existed for years, such as Bold, italics, crossed out e monospace.

Although Meta officially announced this implementation, there are some aspects of this introduction that emerged after the first users were able to access it.

WhatsApp text formatting tools are enriched with bullet points, quotes and more

According to what is reported on the site TechCrunchthe functions introduced are not only active in individual chats, but also on the platform channels, with possible application both on app mobile (iOS e Android) than on Mac as well as directly from browser Web.

Interestingly the app in Windows version does not yet seem to benefit from the implementation: at the moment it is not yet known whether this is a deliberate choice or a technical problem of some kind.

At present, the introduction does not yet seem to affect WhatsApp users as a whole but, over the course of hours or days, the tools are destined to reach all devices on which the app is installed.

All this happens just a few hours after the introduction of another WhatsApp function that is very appreciable from the point of view of privacythrough which too intrusive users will be prevented from viewing the profile pictures others.


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