WhatsApp: no text transcription of audio messages, still new for groups

The development of the function continues to leave groups in WhatsApp silently (even on Android) which, however, seems to have stopped the work to implement the text transcription for the audio notes.
WhatsApp: no text transcription of audio messages, still new for groups

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The messaging platform known as WhatsApp, which – with all due respect to Google’s RCS – is the standard alternative to old SMS, has again become the protagonist of new rumors, after those of the past hours relating to Reactions, with unpublished rumors about it. groups and voice messages.

In mid-May, in-depth code analysis revealed in WhatsApp beta for Desktop the basis of a function that would have allowed groups to be silently left: the same feature has just been found in the beta for Android. To date, it should be remembered that, when leaving a group, a notice appears, subjected to public attention, which highlights the exit from the group of a user: in the event that it is put into operation what is currently not clear and only in development at Menlo Park programmers, things would change dramatically.

Specifically, with the new function being studied for WhatsApp also on Android, no warning would be published in the chat when a user exits who, instead, would be made known, for management reasons, only to the group chat administrator. Waiting for news that hint at the moment of the release of this feature, always with regard to the improvements for WhatsApp, again from the WABetaInfo leakers, bad news arrives.

It was last September, when the feature trackers in question reported on a useful function that Menlo Park was working on, which would have made it possible to obtain the text transcription of the voice notes received by the user: the screenshots that emerged at the time had revealed a stage of the works rather advanced in this sense but, in the last few hours, the discovery has arrived that, for some reason that is not known, the development of this function has been interrupted, which fulfilled a strong need on the part of those users with hearing problems, or who do not want to listen to a voice message in public places without headphones and earphones.

As a consequence of this, to obtain the textual transcription of the vocal notes, it will be necessary to continue to make use of the many alternatives, even free, that provide this service, freely downloadable from the Android Play Store.

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