WhatsApp now allows you to edit text messages in channels

Great strides have been made by WhatsApp during this last year, with several new introductions. The platform has become much more interesting and versatile, especially for users who were clamoring for certain features. One of the most important updates certainly concerns the launch of channelsa bit in Telegram style but with its own identity.

In fact, WhatsApp wanted to offer everyone a way to cultivate the same interests. In fact, each channel has a main theme which can often be identified from the title. Companies, information websites and so on can create their own channels with ad hoc information and discussions based on certain topics.

Clearly there are rules that lead the channels to differ from normal chats and this is precisely why WhatsApp works to amalgamate everything. Exactly in these hours the famous messaging application has announced a very important news.

WhatsApp, text messages can now also be edited in channels

All users who are part of a channel can modify the content of a message, albeit with some limitations. Those who wish to edit messages on their channels have a window 30 days to do it. Furthermore, what can be modified is only and exclusively the text, absolutely not photos, videos or other media or attached files.

There’s also another aspect to take into account: when an account edits a message in a channel, users will not receive a notification of the modification. Everything that appears near the message, exactly at the bottom, will be the word “modified“.

To make a change to a specific message published in the channel, you will need to press and hold on it. A menu icon will appear, from which you will have to choose the item “Edit“. Once done, you will tap the check mark and everything will be done.


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