WhatsApp: official completion timing of shared files

The success of a platform is also measured in the small adjustments and improvements to the user experience: aware of this, WhatsApp has improved the sharing of documents by indicating how long it will be until the completion of the upload of a file.
WhatsApp: official completion timing of shared files

After the release of a renewed system for editing the images to be sent, with a different location of the blur tool, now more evident and in the foreground, WhatsApp has dedicated itself to a new release, the result of its intense development activity, often carried out in light of the WABetaInfo feature trackers, used to fathom the programming code of what is the most popular and widespread messaging application in the world.

Specifically, WhatsApp has updated its beta client for Android, bringing it to the release, without neglecting the beta client for iOS, instead brought to the release: in both cases, some beta testers will have a function already available. present on the desktop client since last month, in fact usable by those who have the beta desktop 2.2209.3 or newer and higher versions.

The novelty made available concerns the documents sent and received: to date, when one is sent, in the chat bubble relating to the given document, there is a progression ring which is completed as the shared file is sent or, on the other hand, received. With the change just made available, as highlighted once again by WABetaInfo, there are also numerical indications of how much is missing when uploading a file to the WhatsApp servers, if the document is being sent to someone, or how much is missing upon receipt. of a given document, if you are in the role of recipient of the same.

The numerical indications relating to the completion, upload or download of the file, are placed under the name of the file, and are represented both with the percentage of progress of the process, and in the form of seconds remaining at the completion of the same.

To date, considering that the limit for sending documents is only 100 MB (vs 16 MB in favor of photos), the novelty in question certainly proves useful, but up to a certain point: things, however, could change. , in a more tangible way, should the improvement currently being tested in Argentina be extended globally, where users have been given the right to share documents whose weight can reach a maximum of 2 GB.


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