Meanwhile a former WhatsApp executive complained about the passage of messaging to Facebook, the CEO of the latter, now known as Meta, announced a new improvement, with the arrival of the expected Reactions.
WhatsApp: official reactions for all

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Almost like in an amarcord, while the old management of WhatsApp has begun to regret the autonomy of the platform, the new one, as the deus ex machina Mark Zuckerberg, has personally announced the arrival of a highly anticipated novelty, in implementation course for all users of the instant messaging platform.

In the past few hours, Neeraj Arora, who held the role of chief business officer of WhatsApp until 2018, talked about how the sale of the platform to the then Facebook took place, explaining that, after the first approaches in 2012-2013, it is the new proposal arrived at the beginning of 2014, which then led to the sale for 14 billion dollars, because Menlo Park at the time promised the app team “full support for end-to-end encryption and complete independence from product decisions “. Given how things then went, the executive, formerly of WhatsApp for several years, regretted having allowed the sale of WhatsApp to the social media giant.

Zuckerberg, who in these hours has been on an Italian tour, to meet the patron of Luxottica (in view of the new viewers) and Prime Minister Draghi regarding investments in our country regarding the Metaverse, has not replied but, from his Facebook profile, on the other hand, took the opportunity to announce the arrival of a news sighted, in the beta code of the chat app, since the distant August of 2021. Specifically, the announcement made by the young CEO of Meta concerns the provision for all of the Reactions on WhatsApp.

To take advantage of the novelty that is roll-out in these hours, if already enabled, just hold down on a message to see the pop-up horizontal carousel of the 6 emojis available (to date it is thumbs up, heart, folded hands , smiley face, which is sad, which is surprised even if in the future the arrival of other emojis has been confirmed according to a system that presumably, like on Messenger, will allow you to use all emojis). Once you have chosen the emoji, with the latter you can react, or reply on the fly in graphic form to a given message, without clogging the chat with other text.

At the moment it is not known when WhatsApp will also release another novelty that has already emerged about the Reactions, or rather the possibility of replying with Quick Reactions to the Status, using a panel of 8 emojis.


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