WhatsApp: officially announced sending 2 GB files, groups of 512 people and Reactions

WhatsApp re-announced the Reactions anticipated a few hours earlier by the CEO of the parent company Meta, relaunching with maxi groups of 512 people and sending 2 GB files.
WhatsApp: officially announced sending 2 GB files, groups of 512 people and Reactions

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The innovation path of messaging known as WhatsApp continues, a few hours after the anticipation of Mark Zuckerberg himself, confirmed the arrival of the Reactions and, at the same time, announced the launch, always in the name of graduality (with so far few evidences emerged from those who have been able to benefit from it), of other innovations.

The first improvement introduced by WhatsApp, as mentioned, is that relating to Reactions, or the ability to reply to messages using 6 emojis, simply by holding down a message so that the pop-up with the emoticons to choose from appears. For the occasion, WhatsApp has detailed that it will be possible to reply to a message with an emoji only once and that it will be possible to withdraw the Reaction even if there will always be the possibility that the recipient has already seen it, or that the removal does not has been successful. In this case, unfortunately, you will not be warned if the withdrawal of the Reaction has not been successful.

Likewise, it should be remembered that, by giving a Reaction to a message that disappears, when it disappears, the Reaction will also disappear. No less important is the fact that the Reactions given to messages in groups will not give rise to notifications, thus avoiding being overwhelmed.

The second novelty that the WhatsApp platform has advertised is the fact that, after a test conducted in recent months, it is now possible to send files up to 2 GB in weight (vs the previous 100 MB): in conjunction with this innovation, for whose use the platform recommends to take advantage of the Wi-Fi, a progress bar also arrives, which will indicate how much time is missing for the complete upload, or the complete download, of the larger file (which is being sent or received).

With a view to future Communities, WhatsApp has meanwhile also announced the fact that the groups will be able to contain up to 512 members (compared to the 200,000 users supported by Telegram which, even in the case of the Channels, ensures unlimited membership).


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