WhatsApp, passkeys also arrive for iPhone

The big updates of WhatsApp of 2023 denoted a desire on the part of the messaging application to once again be the absolute leader. After going through a very static period in recent years, the platform has begun to renew itself with various introductions that have seen users rediscover the wonder of the past.

One of WhatsApp’s goals, as it has always been, continues to be to keep its users safe. Also from the point of view of privacy in fact, some very important measures have been made.

A few months after the introduction of the passkey further confirmations have arrived from the app for Android devices: the app from the Meta universe is working hard to implement this new security system on devices as soon as possible iOS.

WhatsApp: passkeys are also coming to iPhones

Inside the latest version beta of WhatsApp reserved for users with iOS, a new discovery would have been made. In fact, it seems that the application has started testing through its program dedicated to developers regarding the use of passkeys on the iPhone.

By taking advantage of this great resource, users who own an iPhone will be able to access Whatsapp using Face ID, Touch ID where he access code of your device. Passkeys are therefore a new security standard that is currently supplied by the main giants of the technological world. In fact, it represents a more secure alternative to traditional passwords.

Passkeys are generated in this way unique for each account directly on the user’s device. This therefore guarantees a very high level of invulnerability to resist phishing attacks and any attempt to steal the account.

At the moment little or nothing is known about the possible launch date of passkeys on Whatsapp for iOS devices. We’ll just have to wait a little longer to get new news on the matter.


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