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WhatsApp presents Channels, what channels are and what they are for

It has been long awaited and has finally landed on WhatsApp. This is Channels, the new feature that introduces channels on the instant messaging platform most used by web users and which guarantees new methods of communication.

Channels are nothing new in instant messaging services. Other platforms, such as Telegram, have implemented them for some time. For this reason, WhatsApp decided to go one step further and to develop and introduce Channels, the safe and effective functionality that allows it to remain highly competitive with other online solutions.

Channels, what are WhatsApp channels

Rumors about the arrival of channels on WhatsApp they were already circulating, but now the announcement is official. The developers worked tirelessly and the company presented the channels, the new easy to use, safe and reliable tool to send communications to an ever wider audience directly from the platform.

The channels will be inserted in a new tab which, in all likelihood, will take the name of Updates. Here it will be possible to choose who to follow, find out if there are any news or new messages and keep everything separate from the conversation list private, single and group.

Anyone who wishes will be able to open their own channel on the application. It is a tool designed above all for companies, organisations, local authorities and professionals. The personal information of who manages and who participates in the channels, such as telephone number and profile photo, they are protected and are not made visible to the others. Currently, there is no end-to-end encryption.

Whatsapp channels, how to use them

The channels are set up for purely one-way communication. This means that the administrator, or administrators, are the only ones who will be able to send messages in the form of texts, photos, videos, stickers, multimedia contents and hypertext links. They can carry out surveys, to which the public will be able to respond.

WhatsApp will create a directory where it will be possible to enter and find all the channels on WhatsApp divided into categories. Users will be able to search for those related to their interests, hobbies, passions, needs and much more.

Access to channels will be possible too via referral linkwhich can be sent in private chats, via email-l or published on your social channels.

The directors, if they deem it appropriate, may block the ability to take screenshots within the channel and will be able to decide who can follow the channel. The ability to create channels will be extended to everyone in the coming months.

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