WhatsApp, screen sharing and edit incoming messages on Windows

In addition to the many innovations that have concerned the last few weeks WhatsApp for Android and iOS, there are some dedicated to other platforms as well. In fact, the first rumors of the instant messaging giant’s desire to make some changes to the version for Windows.

The new Beta of WhatsApp launched in the last few hours would have the task of testing a particular feature, which will soon make its debut on the stable application. The version 2.2322.1.0 dedicated to Windows is now available on Microsoft Store and concerns the integration of screen sharing.

It should be remembered that this feature was recently released to a group of users enrolled in the Android Beta, more precisely to version

However, the new rumors also speak of another feature that WhatsApp intends to launch for Windows, namely the one concerning the edit messages.

WhatsApp, screen sharing and edit messages on Windows too

WhatsApp beta windows share screen screenshot

The introduction of screen sharing by WhatsApp is one of the most awaited features especially by some users. In fact, those who use the application for work or for any reason related to the world of education will reap many benefits.

The Windows feature will allow you to share content displayed on your computer screen. Everything will be possible by selecting the appropriate one key at the bottom, positioned alongside the other call controls.

The other novelty, also arriving on Windows with the new Beta version of WhatsApp, concerns the ability to edit messages. After having sent them, users will therefore also be able to change their content, obviously only within 15 minutes.

WhatsApp Windows beta edit screenshot messages

This solution allows anyone who uses WhatsApp for Windows to fix a typo or perhaps to reformulate a concept. Simply select the message in question with the mouse, press the right button and choose the edit entry as the picture above shows.

Remember that it is not possible to edit a message sent from another device other than the one in use.


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