After the bomb dropped by Zuckerberg regarding the next big news for WhatsApp, rumors are back on, with some discoveries that will certainly make messaging Business accounts happy and those who believed in Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.
WhatsApp: spotted news on the business catalog and Ray-Ban Stories eyewear

In the past few hours, Mark Zuckerberg has promised a real revolution for WhatsApp which, waiting to soon embrace the Communities, on which much more clarity has been made, is preparing to benefit from significant improvements in favor of the groups. Apparently, however, in Menlo Park they certainly did not stop here, as demonstrated by some rumors that, spread by the “usual suspects”, made it possible to appreciate other development guidelines for green messaging.

In particular, by analyzing the beta and, of WhatsApp Business for Android, the leakers of WABetaInfo, through the process of reverse engineering, have discovered some not yet obvious improvements that could not just improve the relationship between customers and companies. , simplifying how the former can make in-app purchases from the latter. First of all, starting from the first experimental release mentioned, it became clear how WhatsApp could introduce a new shortcut in the tab on business accounts, represented by the attachment clip, present in the chats.

In this section, together with the options to share documents, contents from the gallery, contacts, location, for quick replies (always for business accounts), the shortcut Catalog may also appear.

The next beta then shed light on what this subsection would contain. In this case, if a customer tippasse you, he would find in front of a window with the name and image of the interlocutor (the company) and the option to add an item which, touched, will lead to the possibility of adding someone (in the cart). of the items offered for sale by the company, with the total that would be recalculated according to what would be added gradually. Subsequently, by pressing “Send order”, the same would be sent to the company and the user would be brought back to the chat with the same.

On the other hand, analyzing the beta release for Android made available immediately after,, in favor of “normal” accounts, we noticed something involving the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses which, to date, only allow you to acquire photos and videos to share on Facebook, Instagram and as a status on WhatsApp. In the future, however, several lines of code suggest that it could become possible to use said smartglasses also to send WhatsApp messages to friends and acquaintances, under the banner of end-to-end protection encryption which, perhaps, could also involve WhatsApp calls. , also via Ray-Ban Stories.


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