WhatsApp, support ready for forwarding messages to Channels

It’s been several weeks now WhatsApp has started a large-scale launch of its channels. The sprint began already in the middle of 2023, after a long period in which the new feature was extensively tested in the beta versions.

In recent months it has been possible to notice the commitment of the Meta messaging app. The engineers worked on several improvements, introducing more features that enriched the channels themselves. Now WhatsApp is looking ahead and with the imminent arrival of 2024 it is trying to integrate a new possibility that would be very useful, that is forwarding messages to one or more people precisely as regards the channels.

WhatsApp, the new forwarding function will arrive on the channels soon

According to what has been reported by very knowledgeable sources on the topic, channel owners will soon be able to forward messages from other chats directly to their own channel. This obviously includes all forms of text, images, videos, GIFs, audio messages, stickers, and more.

The latest evidence of this new possibility comes from the new beta version of WhatsApp for Android, more precisely the v2 23.26.2. However, as it is still in its early stages of development, the opportunity to test message forwarding has not been fully rolled out to all beta testers signed up to the program.

However, someone would have had the opportunity to show on the web how this possibility works, and it is exactly as anticipated. It will indeed be possible keep pressed on a message, thus choosing to forward it to a channel as if it were another conversation or group. According to what has been reported, it should also be possible to modify the message before feeding it to a channel.

Obviously, disadvantages can also arise from this, such as the possible spread of news aimed at creating misinformation. Precisely for this reason, WhatsApp will integrate a way to report any violations.


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