WhatsApp, the alternative profile could become reality: how it works

The commitment of WhatsApp per the protection of privacy of web users is real, concrete and demonstrable with the numerous functions released by the company to make the application increasingly secure and people’s experience customizable and satisfying. A new update that the developers are working on could be implemented soon: the alternative profile.

The new feature is currently available to very few users who use the beta version of the application to be able to preview the new features and allow developers to improve them and evaluate and plan their official launch. Let’s find out the details.

Even more privacy on WhatsApp with the new feature: details

The alternative WhatsApp profile is a valid tool designed to offer users greater control of their online presence and to protect their privacy. With the functionality they will be able to set two profile images, the visibility of which will depend on their choices and the type of contact who is viewing them.

Thus, we have full control of what you show to other users who use the platform and with whom you have small exchanges or long conversations.

The main profile picture can be shared with specific contacts and be kept hidden from others and, at the same time, set a secondary photo that will be automatically shown to all those who do not have access to the first.

The main image, thanks to this feature, it can be strictly personal and representativeas it remains away from unwanted eyes and private.

Secondary profile, how to set it up on WhatsApp

With the introduction of the function, a new one will be made management menu of privacy on WhatsApp, which will allow you to choose and customize who is allowed to view your main profile picture.

The options you can choose from are: everyone, only your contacts, only your contacts with specific, user-designated exceptions, and no one. In the area immediately below these options you can upload the secondary image, which will be automatically shown to those who are excluded from viewing the primary photo. No human intervention will be necessary to indicate the contacts who will have access to this content.

Once the function is activated, it will work immediately. You can change the settings at any time you wish.

The advantage of this function is that you can decide more precisely what information to show to some contacts, without having to resort to blocking or without having to avoid conversation or any type of interaction. It is currently only available for the beta version of the app for devices equipped with the Android operating system.
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