WhatsApp: the function to restore deleted messages is in preparation

The release from Menlo Park of a beta of WhatsApp for Android has made it possible to find out what else the technicians of Will Cathcart, the CEO of WA, are working on, currently focused on allowing you to restore deleted messages.
WhatsApp: the function to restore deleted messages is in preparation

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Lately, the creative forge of the WhatsApp chat app is in full fervor, just think of the provision, for everyone, of the Reactions and, only in chronological order, the sighting of the function, in development, which will allow you to modify a message sent . Even ephemeral messages have received due attention, so much so that in the future they could gain the option to keep some messages in vanishing mode,

However, another improvement could also be added to this improvement, which would allow us to respond to a need evidently felt as strong by the impressive use base of Menlo Park’s instant messaging.

The well-known feature trackers of WABetaInfo have analyzed the code of the beta release of WhatsApp for Android, downloadable from the Play Store (after being placed in the list of experimenters) or from ApkMirror, inferring the traces of a function, which is currently missing, but that could also make its appearance in WhatsApp for Desktop systems and for the iOS world. Specifically, it is a function to “resurrect” a message deducted via cancellation.

The novelty in question will not allow everyone to resurrect something that has been eliminated, but it will only work under certain conditions. In particular, it will be possible to recall only the messages deleted for themselves (for me): in this regard, at the bottom, the pop-up that will warn of the deleted message, will also contain the “Undo” button which, if pressed in time , before the warning disappears (within a few seconds), will allow you to bring back from oblivion what was thus erased.

At the moment, the leakers point out, installing the beta in question is not much use: even using it, the above function is not obvious as it is still under development and artificially activated in the back-end of the platform (ie “forced”). There are, among other things, not even the timing suggests a timing for its release which, provided it is confirmed, will certainly happen, before the stable version of the app, in its beta iterations, to collect the necessary feedback. to correct its errors and / or improve its functioning in view of its “day-one”.


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