WhatsApp, the most desired function arrives: the search for messages by date

The developers of WhatsApp continue to work on improvements to the platform, to ensure users a better user experience from all points of view. In addition to implementing new tools that allow you to communicate creatively and in a personal way, it is expected the inclusion of other features for privacy protection and for quicker use of the instant messaging app.

In particular, a function that is extremely requested and desired by those who use the platform is about to arrive: the search for messages by date. A clear sign of the attention that developers have for users who choose WhatsApp to communicate every day. In addition to this, new interventions on the channels are planned.

WhatsApp, the search for messages by date is about to become reality

The search for messages by date it will soon be introduced for all users who use WhatsApp, including those who own devices supported by the Android operating system, who until now have been excluded from this possible introduction initially designed only for iOS and WhatsApp web.

At the moment, the feature is being tested and has been released to a select group of people who use the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and who are trying it to make sure there are no bugs or malfunctions.

This feature makes navigating your message history much easier and more precise than with words and phrases. It is particularly useful whenimportant information must be retrieved shared on a specific day avoiding having to scroll through long chat histories.

To make this possible, it will be included in the application for Android devices a new button inside the message search bar, which will take on the appearance of a calendar.

By clicking the calendar button you will be able to indicate the date you preferselecting the day, month and year, and view the conversations that took place on that date within the chat.

WhatsApp channels, you will soon be able to use usernames

A username associated exclusively with channels. WhatsApp is actively working on this feature to allow people to open channels using your usernamea unique and recognizable nickname, and to be able to reach a wider audience in this way.

With this change, users will be able to share information more consistently. But this is not the only news regarding the channels and which will be implemented with the next updates. It is foreseen, for example, the introduction of personalized channel linksto avoid sharing long and complex links.

The feature that makes it possible to create a username for channels is currently under development. Release times are not yet knownwhich could be very short.

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