WhatsApp, the new multi-account mode arrives

It enriches more and more the set of people who think that WhatsApp At the moment it has some aspects to improve. In this regard, the famous instant messaging application is making a lot of effort, precisely to allow a more exclusive and complete experience.

Several updates have been reported that have increased the number of functions available to the more than 2 billion users, but it’s not over yet. There has never been a more prolific period than this for WhatsApp, which in fact is preparing to test a new feature.

After seeing the coming companion modeuseful for having the same account on multiple devices, the public will have to prepare themselves for the idea of ​​being able to use multiple different profiles on the same smartphone.

WhatsApp introduces multi-account mode in its beta

WABetaInfo, one of the most accredited portals regarding rumors about WhatsApp, would have discovered a great novelty within the latest version dedicated to developers. In fact, users may begin to think they have access to multiple accounts on a single device.

WhatsApp multi-account screenshot

The new feature, long desired by customers of the famous messaging platform, would also have been shown in some images. As the above screenshot clearly shows, using the mode multi-account it will be easier than you might think.

It will be possible to manage the different accounts with a scrolling menu from bottom to top which will allow you to select the desired profile. Just like for Instagram, the secondary account will remain saved, eliminating the need to log in again.

The new beta it’s more specifically about the version Business of WhatsApp, but no elements have emerged that would suggest an exclusive update for the app dedicated to the world of work. We therefore await news regarding the possible release date of the update. The canonical steps first include an extension to the public beta intended for consumer users and then the official launch for the stable version.


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