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WhatsApp, the sending of high-quality photos arrives

Sending a high-quality photo through instant messaging apps, among which WhatsApp has a prominent place, has always been a difficulty for web users. The images, in order to be forwarded quicklywere reduced in size and weight and their quality diminished. Consequently, we were always faced with images that were less clear and definitive than the original one, at least until now.

WhatsApp has decided to introduce a small but important novelty that changes the cards on the table e makes it possible to forward high-quality images and photographs. Let’s find out all the details of the upcoming update and feature.

Images and photos in high quality, sending is possible on WhatsApp

The novelty of WhatsApp concerning the sending of high quality images has already landed on the beta version of WhatsApp per Androidand iOS. This means that only a few lucky users can already test the feature, in order to allow developers to perfect it before the official release.

The function allows you to independently manage the quality of the photos, preventing the system from automatically modifying it before sending it to the recipients. You can choose standard or HD quality, but only for large images.

To do this it will be necessary click on an appropriate button that will be placed at the top of the screen, in the area where you make changes to the image before submitting them.

High-quality photos, what changes and who the new function is useful for

Despite the intention of the developers to allow the sending of images almost identical to the original, a slight compression will still be applied to the contents, in order to ensure smooth forwarding without excessive slowdowns or blockages. It is a less invasive and evident intervention compared to what is currently carried out automatically.

When sending a photo in HDit will be signaled to whoever receives it with a tag. It will be easy to understand that this is a content that has not been modified or that has undergone only slight interventions.

Sharing of images in high quality it will only be allowed within conversations. In status updates, photos will continue to experience noticeable compression. This function is especially useful for photography enthusiasts and all professionals in this sector who use the platform to communicate with clients or collaborate with colleagues.

There is still no definite news regarding i release times of the new feature by WhatsAppcurrently under testing. The diffusion could already take place with the next updates.

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