WhatsApp, the update for status previews is being distributed

WhatsApp, the update for status previews is being distributed

The very popular messaging application owned by Meta, is always ready to release new updates that can somehow surprise users. The goal of WhatsApp in fact, it is to make the experience better for its community of customers around the world, which now well exceeds 2 billion units.

In the latest tests conducted, the giant is apparently experimenting with a new way to make users view the various status updates.

WhatsApp: status updates are now visible in preview

Users who still have the old, non-updated version of WhatsApp need to tap on someone’s status to see someone’s status. However, with the new update comes the ability to notice a preview (like instagram story) directly in the barra status updates. In this way, users can decide in advance whether it is worth opening that content or not.

The newly introduced preview function certainly leads users to have greater control of the states. In this way, anyone who finds the content uninteresting can easily move on.

The new update has been in the works for some time now. The first rumors of this new introduction arrived already during the month of February. But now everything seems ready to become reality, as after some tests the update is starting to reach an increasingly wider audience.

The new bar that contains previews of WhatsApp status updates is obviously widely available in beta version. In fact, at the moment only some beta testers are able to notice the changes, but the app should extend them to everyone in the next few weeks. The new interface for the status update bar is included in the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android, currently available on the Google Play Store. Anyone who has signed up to the program can continue with the update.

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