WhatsApp thinks about improving document sharing: here’s how

A recent update has allowed WABetaInfo leakers to find out how WhatsApp is working to refine the sending of documents again, not in the weight of the shareable files (now increased to 2 GB), but through an addition previously reserved for the media.
WhatsApp thinks about improving document sharing: here's how

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Recently, WhatsApp has hinted at an improvement for the future function of the Companion mode due to which, in using your account on a secondary device, you will benefit from the synchronization of the chats. Well, another improvement can be added to this improvement in the future, in the event of positive feedback, according to what has just been discovered by the investigative activity of the WABetaInfo leakers.

The well-known group of feature trackers engaged in anticipating the functions of WhatsApp, through a reverse engineering session applied to WhatsApp for Desktop, has discovered how an improvement is being developed (destined to arrive also on Android and iOS) for the function which presides over the sending of documents which, as known, for some time, can be shared on WhatsApp up to 2 GB in weight. To date – this is the situation – when you proceed with sending a video or a photo (among the many sharable contents, including GIFs, voice notes, emojis, contacts and locations), the user is allowed to be able to add a caption as a kit.

However, this is not possible when sharing a document. Consequently, in this case of sharing, a text message must be sent before or after the document sent, generating some confusion. What was identified and documented by WABetaInfo via screenshot obviates this inconvenience given that, in sending a document, in the future a form may appear at the bottom in which to type a textual accompaniment, precisely a caption which, in the end, in addition to offering context to what is shared will also help the recipient to more easily find a text document received, whose thumbnail is certainly less self-explanatory than a photo or video clip.

At the moment, it is not clear whether the function in question will merely accompany the actual texts, such as docs or PDFs, or if it will be extended to all types of files that can currently be shared under the document category: moreover, as often happens, it is not even known whether the discovered function will ever be released, given that its development could be interrupted overnight, as happened long ago for the extended duration of the “delete for all” function which, compared to 7 days which had been worked on for some time, will probably be extended to 2 days and 12 hours.

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