WhatsApp, update: goodbye to status reaction notifications

WhatsApp, update: goodbye to status reaction notifications

More updates ahead for WhatsApp. According to reports, the famous messaging app is about to introduce a new feature that will allow users to manage and organize their notifications for reactions to their updates of state.

This means that in the future the user will be able to choose whether or not to receive a notification every time someone reacts to their WhatsApp status update.

WhatsApp: a way to not be annoyed by status update notifications

For those who are not yet clear on the concept of “status”, these are temporary updates that disappear later 24 hour stay, practically the alter-ego of Instagram Stories. Inside them, users can share photos, videos, text and voice notes to let everyone know their mood, something funny and much more.

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It is clear that, as on Instagram, you can also react on WhatsApp simply by inserting an emoticon. With the new functionality identified by WABetaInfothe source par excellence regarding rumors regarding the green app, users will finally be able to have the opportunity to disable notifications coming from the reactions. The feature was discovered in the latest version of WhatsApp Beta for Android, the version

This change is extremely important as it is part of an increasingly growing trend among messaging apps, namely that of giving users more control over their notification settings. Many people find constant notifications distracting, especially during work and study hours. Therefore the possibility of being able to customize this aspect is fundamental. With the new update, WhatsApp therefore follows the wave and brings new convenience to its community.

It is important to remember, however, that this feature is currently under development, so it is not yet available to all WhatsApp users on a permanent basis.

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