WhatsApp, update: the new filter collects all unread messages

WhatsApp, update: the new filter collects all unread messages

Finding yourself talking about this and that with a person, you certainly wouldn’t open your eyes to hear from his mouth that WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging apps out there. It is not surprising today that many use them for practically every communication and it is also not surprising that a new update.

When you use a messaging app this intensely, you are bound to run into a very common problem: the non-literate cat which seem to disappear. That dot that marks a conversation in which there is an unread message can remain there for days, disturbing the user’s view every time they open WhatsApp.

It is common for a user to struggle to find that chat in which the unread message is hidden and that is why an update is about to arrive.

WhatsApp, the upcoming update brings a filter for chats

Luckily for haters of unread WhatsApp chats, the instant messaging app is about to make a major update. A solution is coming in the form of conversation filters, so you can easily locate what you’re looking for without wandering through chats for minutes.

The new filter is ready to be implemented on WhatsApp allows you to quickly find certain conversations, saving the user valuable time. It will therefore no longer be necessary to scroll through the entire list of chats: just choose between three filters which will appear at the top of the chat list.

The first will collect all the conversations, the second all the unread messages and the third will contain the group chat. Even in the case of the latter it is a great resource: many users have complained of having lost several groups that were perhaps a little older in the depths of their chat list.

At the moment it is not known precisely when the update will be introduced, but WhatsApp seems to be at an advanced stage.

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