WhatsApp, username tests continue: how they will work

What would you do without it WhatsApp? By now the famous global messaging app owned by Meta has become an integral part of users’ lives and tries to adapt to them every day. The engineers have been working on some features for some time but one in particular is taking up most of their time.

With this feature everyone will be able to avoid showing their phone number, thus increasing the level of privacy. The username they are ever closer to arriving on WhatsApp, almost following in the footsteps of Telegram, a rival app of the green colored giant.

The new feature in question will allow everyone to provide a username instead of their phone number to those with whom they want to message. This is probably the most requested feature and at the same time it is requiring much more work than imagined. Suffice it to say that a test version was identified as early as 2023 and was never released for users in the global beta phase. However, now it seems that further work is being done to test this functionality, thus making it clear that it has absolutely not been set aside.

Usernames are a target of WhatsApp: tests continue to progress

Leaving aside the United States where proprietary messaging applications such as iMessage manage to attract a large part of users, in other countries around the world everyone uses WhatsApp constantly. The platform team is working especially for them and to introduce the novelty of username. News about the progress of this feature has been on hold for some time, but based on some news leaked in the last few hours, it seems that we are now there.

Taking a look at the WhatsApp beta for iOS with number, there has been progress. In this version the section is present again within the app where users can choose a username. This time, however, there is a change: the app will start a validation process to ensure that the chosen username is valid.


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