WhatsApp: voice messages that can only be listened to once are coming

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application globally, is constantly updated with the introduction of new features, such as support for passkeys. The latest news, however, is destined to have greater resonance, because it deals with self-deleting voice messages. Or, put another way, that they can be heard once by the recipient. The feature is currently being tested in the beta channel.

Auto-deleting voice messages coming to WhatsApp

The function, as revealed by WABetaInfobehaves more or less in the same way as that forsending photos and videos viewable only once. “View Once” was introduced in 2021, and in 2022 WhatsApp made it even more secure by blocking any screenshots and screen recordings. Likewise, Voice messages intended for self-deletion cannot be downloaded or recorded.

It is certainly a novelty designed for those users who aim for greater privacy, also on Meta’s green service. Like photos and videos, too audio notes that can only be listened to once will be easily recognisable from the icon now known to most and characterized by a “1” inside a circle with a dotted half.

Here’s what the feature now looks like in the beta channel:

WhatsApp - Voice messages playable only once - Beta

At the moment, voice messages can only be listened to once I’m on trial and it is unclear when they will officially debut in a public release of WhatsApp. It should also be noted that not all users who use the beta of the platform have access to the feature, testifying to the fact that the tests may be at an early stage.


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