WhatsApp, we're finally here: here's how to send photos in HD

With huge delay, WhatsApp is enriched with a convenient button for send photos in high definition. There are those who think the saying “better late than never” and who instead believes that it is absurd that this feature was only introduced in 2023the same year in which – so to speak – Apple presented a mixed reality viewer that promises immersive experiences never seen before.

On WhatsApp it is now possible to send photos in high definition

Because of compression, before today the photos sent on WhatsApp were – inevitably – of a lower quality than the original shot. A solution for try to contain the weight of individual chats on a platform that is used every day by millions of people around the world. “But the competition doesn’t“, stated the most pungent users. And they were right.

However, the requests of the people of the web have finally been accepted, he reveals Will Cathcart, at the helm of Meta’s WhatsApp team. From today, photos on the messaging platform they are also sent in HD. But be careful, this does not happen automatically, in fact you have to press a certain button before sending. In short, the choice is up to the user.

A few steps are required to send HD photos on WhatsApp:

  • Within a conversation, open the gallery or take a picture using the in-app camera
  • In the photo preview, press on the new “HD” button positioned at the top of the interface (next to those already known to edit images with effects, hand drawings and text)

WhatsApp - how to send photos in HD

Sending photos in HD is therefore at your discretion, but it is advisable to go easy on the new feature. The greater the number of multimedia contents with which the conversations are stuffed, the greater the weight of the app on the device. And this could be a problem especially on smartphones with low storage space.

And for i video, Instead? Unfortunately, there’s no news to report, but perhaps an option similar to the one studied for photos is on Meta’s agenda.


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