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WhatsApp, what the iPhone interface will be like

The WhatsApp interface for iPhones is about to change. The platform’s developers have worked on new solutions aimed at all users who have a mobile device equipped with the iOS operating system.

The goal is to make WhatsApp a modern looking application, increasingly simple and intuitive to use, captivating and extremely competitive with other solutions offered by competitors and present on the web. To do this, the company decided to intervene not only on the features, which are improved and implemented daily, but also on the appearance of the application.

Let’s find out all the changes coming per WhatsApp per iPhone.

WhatsApp, the new interface coming to iPhone

In recent months, WhatsApp has released some interface improvements, with the aim of optimizing it and making the user experience even more satisfying. A result achieved, but which wants to be further perfected with new interventions that will soon see the light.

Through the latest update of WhatsApp for iOS it was discovered that the developers are testing a new interface which has currently been released for a limited number of users who will have the task of testing the changes and identifying any problems to correct. Previously, it had already appeared to some people using the beta version of the application.

The new interface includes a new green colorwhich is what characterizes the application and makes it easily identifiable and recognisable, which will also be presented to a greater extent within the iPhone platform.

They were redesigned the icons, making them more modernand new ones have been added both within the application settings and in the chat information screen.

WhatsApp for iOS, how to get the new interface

The new interface at the moment is in the process of spreading, but the time required to distribute it to all users who use the platform has not been disclosed. If you still do not notice any changes within your application, you should ensure that you have updated the application and, if the situation does not change, wait and proceed with frequent updates.

At the same time, new features may be added, such as those that aim to facilitate the search for channels followed or which were created to increase the security of the application and to protect user privacy.

In the next few days, in addition to attending a gradual diffusion of the new interfacefurther news could be announced regarding the functioning of WhatsApp, both on mobile devices and in its web version.

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