WhatsApp will allow a limited circle of friends, how it will work

WhatsApp will allow a limited circle of friends, how it will work

Most of the users who are part of the instant messaging platform WhatsApp have noticed some changes lately. The application has had a particular tendency to update itself in recent months, resulting in the arrival of many more features than before. Now there seems to be something else in the pipeline, an update ready to improve the platform in terms of convenience for users.

According to WABetaInfo, a very reliable source regarding WhatsApp updates, the latest beta for Android, i.e. the version available on the Google Play Store, would indicate that the app would be working to introduce the possibility of Select your favorite contacts to make quick calls.

As the source specifies, and as seen in a screenshot below, users will soon have the ability to select all the contacts they call most often. Once chosen, your favorites will appear prominently at the top of the calls tab, making contact easier and quicker.

WhatsApp is preparing the big news: you will be able to select your favorite contacts

WhatsApp update favorites contacts calls

According to the very authoritative source, users will be able to manually select their favorite contacts from the contact list. In this way you can create a personalized experience based on your preferences.

The favorites tab will, for example, allow much faster calls to your favorite contacts on WhatsApp. At the moment the news seems to concern calls and video calls.

Those who often find themselves making calls using WhatsApp will be able to save a lot of precious time with this feature. There will therefore no longer be a need to search through the calls list or contact list.

The functionality to set favorite contacts for quick calls is currently in development. It is not yet known precisely when the new feature will be available for everyone, but it will certainly arrive first for Android.

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