WhatsApp will allow opening channels with usernames

The last period full of new updates was not enough to WhatsApp, which in fact has some new things planned. 2023 could end with some very interesting updates, exactly like the one we’ve been talking about since the first light of this week.

In fact, as reported, users will soon be able to set one username for the channels. WhatsApp’s plans were revealed immediately after another very famous messaging application like Signal started the testing phase regarding usernames.

Choosing to use this solution instead of your phone number is a decisive step towards anonymity.

WhatsApp, no phone number on channels: you can use a username

The last time there was talk of WhatsApp’s desire to introduce usernames to replace telephone numbers was in May. Since then there has been talk of the possibility of enabling this new feature to make everything safer by not revealing your number to other contacts within the platform.

Exactly six months later things seem to have moved: new information from the famous WABetaInfo portal would have performed a double function. The first was the one that revealed the unavailability of the usernames within the beta for Android number, while the second confirmed its arrival soon. The usernames are in fact now under development and will arrive in the near future, but for the moment they could land on the canals.

WhatsApp Channels Username

A preview of how everything would work was collected by the famous portal that deals with rumors on WhatsApp. The image above shows what the new feature will look like.

According to reports, WhatsApp believes that this feature can bring important benefits to the user experience. Something should therefore soon move further, giving a decisive signal that users are waiting for.


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