WhatsApp will soon add events to group chats

WhatsApp he found himself constantly improving the level of his platform by introducing new updates. New features have become much more frequent than in the past, with the features introduced leaving users more and more surprised.

All the most recent additions have introduced possibilities that some didn’t think were possible for the green colored giant, and yet here we are. They have arrived channels and also the possibility of using artificial intelligence by exploiting Meta’s directives, but these are just some of the innovations introduced.

Apparently there is another feature in the works, which should be released soon with the new update. According to the reference source which consists of the famous WABetaInfo portal, there would be clear traces within the latest one beta for Android number of a specific function for groups. It would be about the events.

WhatsApp will soon launch events to start within group chats

What does it mean to deal with the new events feature within WhatsApp group chats? Simple, this introduction will be useful for plan events on a specific date and time. They can share the details of all this also with the members of the group.

It will therefore be a further organizational aspect that will allow groups to have an increasingly greater sense of existence. The new feature is currently in the testing phase and has only been released to a select group of users within the WhatsApp Beta program.

In the next update users will be able to see the menu sharing group chats a link referring to events. Group activities can therefore be planned and monitored even with personal reminders. Clearly only participants in the conversation will be able to access it.

Once a new event is created, it will be added automatically to the group conversation.


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