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WhatsApp, you can now use two accounts on one smartphone at the same time: how to do it

One of the most frequent requests from WhatsApp users was to implement a feature that would allow them to use two accounts at the same time on the same mobile device. A way to better manage your professional and private life without having to use two different smartphones and running the risk of losing or ignoring important conversations and messages or making mistakes when forwarding messages.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, the company that owns the instant messaging platform, has now finally given a concrete answer, announcing the important news.

Two accounts simultaneously on WhatsApp, Zuckerberg’s announcement

Mark Zuckerberg announced the feature that allows the use of two accounts simultaneously is in the process of spreading and which will soon be able to be exploited by all users who have decided to use the platform for their daily and work conversations.

He did it through his official page on Facebook, where anticipated some small details of the function. This, as with all WhatsApp tools, will be simple to use and extremely intuitive.

The new feature represents and big step forward and an excellent advantage for all those who used more than one account at the same time and who to do so were forced to have two smartphones or to resort to third parties for app cloning, with the risk of running into insecure solutions.

This also puts an end to the long practices of continuous connection and disconnection in order to alternate the use of different accounts and to risk of send messages in the wrong conversations or with the wrong accounts.

Multiple account on WhatsApp, how the new feature works

To be able to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device without having to disconnect one, users will have to access the Settings area of the platform. This is where the developers decided to insert the option Add accountwhich must be used to connect the second profile.

During configuration it will be necessary have the second one handytelephone with the physical SIM inside or on which an eSIM is activated.

Once the second account is set up, it will be possible forward messages from both accounts switching from one to the other in just a few clicks. Efficient management tools have been provided that allow you to intervene on notifications and privacy settings separately for each profile.

In the next few days everyone will be able to use the functiontherefore you should make sure to update the application to the latest version available.

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