When Black Friday 2023 arrives: what you need to know

Black Friday is upon us. The period of the year most loved by shopping enthusiasts is returning, with extraordinary discounts that sometimes exceed 50% and which can be accessed both in physical stores and online ones. There are more and more companies and activities that, even in Europe, decide to take part in this made in USA initiative, which allows consumers to save and sellers to empty their warehouses in anticipation of restocks and the arrival of new products. and new collections.

If previously Black Friday consisted of 24 hours of discounts, which all happened on the day after Thanksgiving, today there are some changes. Let’s find out when you can take advantage of Black Friday 2023 and everything you need to know to save.

Black Friday, when it starts and how it works

Il Black Friday 2023 officially starts on Friday, November 24th worldwide. All the businesses that decide to take part in the initiative offer discounts. In Europe, it is above all e-commerce companies that participate, making them available to users discount codes, promotions, free shipping and much more.

In fact, some good deals can also be found in the days before or after November 24thsince many companies tend to extend the offers and make them last for a week, calling it Black Friday weekor even a month.

Some sites provide some early access to offers to reward repeat customersreserving them higher percentages of discounts.

I vary negozi they follow different methodologies and timescales, so it is good to find out about the specific platforms to seize all the opportunities. Amazon, for example, started the event on November 17th and will end it on November 27th.

Among the most convenient products to buy during Black Friday are electronics, which can be purchased at prices significantly lower than the list prices. To make sure you get good deals, it is a good idea to compare the offers offered by various e-commerce and physical stores that resell the same type of product.

After Black Friday comes Cyber ​​Monday, what is it all about

Black Friday, although extremely convenient, is not the last opportunity to shop and save before Christmas. Next up is another event, he Cyber ​​Monday, which exclusively concerns those who shop online. This is an entire day of discounts and offers which particularly concern electronic and technological items: TVs, computers, smartphones and printers will be available at reduced prices.

It Cyber ​​Monday it always happens on the first Monday after Black Friday. This year, therefore, you will be able to take advantage of the offers on November 27. It’s the last good opportunity to buy Christmas presents or to work off your wish list.

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