What is Airplane mode for and what effects does it have on the smartphone’s functions, when to use it and why

What is airplane mode for? The airplane mode of smartphones has ancient origins: it was already present on the first cell phones, so you could keep the phone turned on even if offline, without internet and without connection to the cellular network.

The feature is known as airplane mode because many airlines ban the use of cell phones and wireless devices on their aircraft, maintaining an attitude of caution even if there is actually no real evidence that phones can interfere with radio equipment.

In addition to use on airplanes airplane mode is also useful in everyday life, for example disable all radio connections in one tapwhen you don’t want to be disturbed, especially during the night.

Let’s see together the uses we can make of it airplane mode on our phonesso you can use it to quickly solve some small cellular data network connection problems, Bluetooth problems or Wi-Fi connection problems.

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1) Which services are disabled by airplane mode

When you activate Airplane mode on a phone, whether Android or iPhone, it results in deactivating the following services:

  • Cellular network: So you cannot make calls, send SMS messages or use your mobile data connection to access the Internet.
  • Wifi connection: Every wireless connection is turned off, but can be turned back on even after activating airplane mode (as the only working connection).
  • Bluetooth: The function is deactivated and external speakers, wireless headphones, smartwatches or any other devices are disconnected.
  • GPS: it is deactivated only in some smartphone models, while for others it remains active with Airplane mode.

As a result, apps like Google Maps work without an internet connection, although things like real-time traffic don’t work in airplane mode.

2) How to activate airplane mode

Turn airplane mode on or off it is very simple on Android smartphones (samsung, Xiaomi and others) and are iPhonesbecause it is always one of the buttons on the main toggle bar or Control Center.

Su Android it is found by dragging the notification bar at the top downwards, while on the iPhone you have to drag your finger from bottom to top. If your Android phone doesn’t have an Airplane mode button, you can add it by tapping the pencil icon that you see above the other switches or you need to go to Settings > Network & Internet > Airplane Mode.

Cell phone connections do not work in airplane modebut it is still possible to listen to music saved on your mobile phone, music offline if you are a Spotify Premium subscriber and then watch TV episodes downloaded from Netflix, read emails and messages already received and also see the latest updates downloaded from apps like Facebook .

If you use the function that save Chrome web pages and videosyou can also read or reread articles saved from blogs and newspapers.

3) Use Wi-Fi only

With Airplane mode you can activate the Wifi connection. This possibility cannot be obtained on all smartphones, but it works on many (including the iPhone).

When you turn on airplane mode, Wi-Fi turns off, but it can be turned back on while still leaving your phone offline (from the cellular network). This allows you to connect to aircraft Wi-Fi networks and also to keep receiving calls turned off when you land in a foreign place, while still going online from a Wi-Fi network.

Bluetooth too can work in airplane mode on some smartphones, using the respective switch. Enabling Bluetooth allows you to pair your Bluetooth earphones, keyboard, or other devices such as your smartwatch or pedometer.

4) When to use airplane mode

Airplane mode can be used in many scenarios, among which it stands out:

  • Battery saving: when you activate airplane mode, your phone’s battery consumption is significantly reduced because there is no radio reception and because apps can no longer synchronize online. For the same reason, it also comes increase the charging speed of your phone.
  • Read WhatsApp messages offline: one of the oldest tricks, still used today to read all messages without notifying the person who sent them, as seen in the guide from ways to read WhatsApp messages without opening them (and letting the sender know).
  • Playing on cell phone: when playing on your mobile phone, it is always a good idea to put it in airplane mode to save energy and make the battery last longer, but above all to avoid seeing advertisements during games (if you can play offline).
  • Use Maps offline: excellent when we travel abroad and cannot consume too much data for navigation via GPS and data network.
  • Turn off connections at night: by automating the start of airplane mode at night we can avoid annoying notifications and calls, as also seen in the guide above how to turn Wi-Fi and data on and off automatically on Android.
  • Restore connection: If your internet isn’t working it may be a good idea to toggle airplane mode on and off to try to recover.
  • Quickly change cell cell: if we always want to use the best connection we can also activate and deactivate airplane mode here, in order to change cell and also connection technology (from 4G to 5G for example).

These are just some of the scenarios where airplane mode can be used effectively to fix phone problems.


Airplane mode is still very useful on modern smartphones, offering the possibility of deactivating all active connections in one fell swoop, restoring access to the Internet or solving minor but potentially annoying problems.

On connection problems we can read our guides on how to fix exclamation mark on android network come on what to do if Bluetooth doesn’t connect.


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