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To protect the new smartphone from accidental bumps and to give an extra touch of personality, we can use the protective covers, adapted to perfectly accommodate the back of the device and protect the edges. Even if for many these covers ruin the aesthetics of the device (also introducing a greater thickness), protecting an investment such as the smartphone is important, even more so if we have spent sums above 500 € (not that breaking a 200 € smartphone is less. ugly!).To minimize the effect of a cover added to the smartphone, we can have customized covers created by specialized sites, choosing the subject, the design, and the photo that we want to appear on the back of the device, so as to make it unique in its kind. Let’s find out in this guide the best sites with which to create custom cases for iPhone and Android.

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Best sites to create custom cases

The sites that we will report below are specialized in making covers for the latest iPhone models (including those just released on the market) and for the latest Samsung models, but it is also possible to make covers for other fairly famous smartphones such as Xiaomi and Huawei. For the cover, we can either start from a photo taken personally or use a drawing or a cute image taken from the Internet, so as to make the protection for the smartphone in our possession unique. Most of the covers are in silicone, but you can also choose plastic or fabric covers, so as to meet any need.

One of the best sites we can use to create custom cases is Photobox, reachable from a page dedicated to the covers.

Photobox is already a leader in the creation of albums, personalized objects, and photos through online orders. With Photobox we will be able to create custom cases for iPhone and Samsung starting from drawings offered by the site or using the photographs we have taken at an event or on vacation. Accepted payments with PayPal, in addition, the site offers very fast shipping times (within 48 hours of placing the order).

If we love video games and have a high-end phone we can take a look at the site Razer Customs, with a web page dedicated to covers.
Razer Customs
On this site, we will be able to create robust and well-made covers by choosing from numerous themes inspired by the most famous video games so that we can give a personal touch and make everyone understand when we are passionate about video games. Currently, the site makes covers for high-end phones such as iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max and Samsung Note 10, 10 Plus, Galaxy S10, S10 Plus.

Another very interesting site for Android and iPhone smartphone covers is PURE, accessible from the official website.

On this site, we will find very sober and elegant cases, with a thickness less than the customized covers of other sites and with good news like the wallet cover, where it is possible to keep credit cards or laminated documents in the back of the phone (it will open like a book if necessary).

Another very interesting site to create custom cases for the most famous iPhone and Android smartphones is Photoviva, which dedicates a web page for the covers.

With this site we will be able to view the covers made by other users (not infrequently with true artistic masterpieces) and, if we have the artistic touch, also create our covers by drawing them by hand on the PC or by uploading their works on the platform, so that we can be shared with the community. The site offers PayPal as a payment method and the shipping of the covers is free.

Another site that we recommend trying to create custom smartphone cases that have also recently been released is GoCustomized, accessible from the official website.

On this site we find a good subdivision of the covers based on the smartphone brand (we find iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, and others), in addition to the covers, we can also customize the accessories offered together with the device. The site accepts credit cards and PayPal as a method of payment and relies on various couriers for the shipping of personalized cases.

A good all-Italian site was to make covers for iPhone and Android is Personalize it, accessible from the official website.

In the pages of this site, we will find a great choice of themes, images, and predefined photos that we can use to make the case, as well as all the tools to draw or upload the photo to use as the basis for completely personalized care. In addition to smartphone covers, it also allows you to make covers for MacBooks, iPads, and other PCs. Personalizzalo also accepts PayPal and shipping times are very reasonable (72 hours from manufacturing to final delivery).

A great site where we can find any type of custom case is CoverShop, accessible from the official website.

By visiting this site we will find various collections of ready-made covers on the most popular themes (football, classic, special) and collections created by users with an artistic touch, so as to make the cover that we are going to put on our smartphone truly unique. Obviously, we can also create our own cover by choosing the starting color, the design, or the photo to add to the cover, so as to make it truly exclusive. Payment methods accepted PayPal and credit cards, with shipping via express courier.

Among the best sites we can visit to create new custom cases also stands out, which we can reach from the official website.

By focusing on this site you will be able to obtain a unique style by choosing between the photographs or images in our possession and those provided by the site itself. In addition to the design, you can choose the type of cover to adopt for your smartphone: ranging from the classic standard cover to the fabric cover, to the flip cover, hardcovers, softcovers, and book covers. This site also accepts PayPal and credit cards as a payment method and shipments are made by courier or Poste Italiane depending on the volume of orders.

Another valid site that we recommend to create custom cases for iPhone and Android is To be customized, which we can visit by clicking on the link on the official website.

Among the many proposals, it also offers a section dedicated to personalized cases for iPhone and other best-selling smartphone models. To find the perfect cover for our tastes, simply select the graphic theme and the smartphone model in our possession at the top: the search will immediately focus on the most beautiful models, compatible with the smartphone that we have previously selected. We can pay safely on the site with PayPal, with acceptable delivery times (within 48 hours from the choice of the cover).

If we do not find the cover for our phone we can always search on Amazon, which has a very large collection of covers for Chinese and non-Chinese phones.
Amazon cover
Just write “custom cover” in the search bar at the top followed by the name of the phone model in our possession. Many sellers on Amazon also offer the personalization service, which allows you to upload a photo or drawing of your choice and apply it on the purchased cover.


Having a personalized case will allow you to show off a truly one-of-a-kind phone so that you can match it to your tastes in terms of fashion or make it clear what your passion or favorite hobby is. These covers also offer a good level of impact protection, at the cost of sacrificing a little thickness (the phones will still be a little thicker than normal).

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