Where to find used and reconditioned iPhones

iPhone 7 logo The iPhone is one of the best-selling phones ever, able to please everyone regardless of the level of experience with mobile devices.
Every year at least one new model of iPhone is released and, with the crisis still present in Italy, it is not desirable for everyone to be able to buy new models on the market (we are talking about a minimum cost of € 700-800 up to 1000 € and more).
If we don’t want or can’t buy the latest iPhone model (even with phone company promotions, but here the rate and subscription factor comes into play) we can turn to the used or reconditioned market to buy an iPhone.
In this guide, I will show you where you can buy the previous iPhone models (iPhone 6 or iPhone 7) used and reconditioned in excellent condition, so as to spend less than € 300 (but a lot depends on the model chosen) and still have a practically new smartphone with a bitten apple.

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Differences between used and reconditioned

Before going into the world of offers and stores, it is necessary to understand well the difference between a user device and a reconditioned device.

1) iPhone used

The iPhones used are the simplest because they are sold directly by the previous owner after a certain time of use.
These devices show signs of wear varying from model to model, but in general, the more time they have been in the hands of the owner, the more chances of finding a defect are high.
There is no certainty about the functioning or the presence of the indispensable accessories, therefore we must trust the announcement or the seller when we buy this type of devices.
These devices are those with the lowest possible price, but in case of direct negotiation between owners (current and future), no guarantee can be obtained.

2) Refurbished iPhone

The refurbished iPhone is a used device but it has gone through a whole series of tests (made by a store or certified by an institution, in many cases Apple itself) to make it work “as if it were new”.
These iPhones have minimal damage (sometimes they are practically perfect even on the body!), They always have all the essential accessories and generally work better than simply “used” devices.
Obviously the price goes up too, but by buying a reconditioned we will always have the legal guarantee on the product (which is not always obtainable with a used device, especially if purchased with private negotiations).
Here on the site, we will present only in detail the sites that sell reconditioned models, leaving at the end of the article the sites where it is possible to find even the simply used iPhones.

Warnings before buying any used Apple device

In addition to the difference between used and reconditioned we will also have to pay attention to the following tips while buying a used or reconditioned iPhone.

1) Don’t trust too low prices: even if now you can buy an iPhone 5S for € 150 (right price has given the years of the model in question), do not trust too much of those who offer us an iPhone 6 or 7 for € 200, almost certainly are Chinese clones passed off as originals .
We always check the price of Apple devices sold new and compare more prices on the Web to understand where the “rip-off” is.

2) We always use PayPal or secure sites: if we do not want to use Amazon (which is safe but does not accept PayPal) we always choose sites that accept this payment circuit, so that we can quickly request a refund in case of fraud or problems with the transaction.

3) Watch out for the IMEI block and the Apple block: if the used or reconditioned device comes from the black market (therefore stolen), there could be an IMEI block or an Apple block on it to prevent its use.
When you buy a used product, make sure there is the original box or at least the label with the IMEI printed on the back of the device, so you can immediately check for any blocks.

4) Shipment: if it is free, make sure that the tracking code of the package can be obtained, so as to monitor the progress of the shipment in a completely independent manner.

The best online stores to find refurbished iPhones

And after all these tips it’s time to see the safest sites where to buy reconditioned iPhones at affordable prices, with Italian warranty and fast shipping.

Amazon Renewed

On Amazon you can find Apple-certified refurbished iPhones by visiting the page here -> Amazon Renewed.

The site offers a large selection of reconditioned certified smartphones ready to be purchased at significantly lower prices than models sold as new.
In the recommended link it is already possible to see some recent iPhone models sold at lower prices, but if we want to refine the search, simply use the search field at the top and write the model of iPhone we are interested in.
Warranty Italy, fast shipments thanks to Amazon Prime and an incredibly efficient assistance service are the reasons why we recommend Amazon to buy a refurbished iPhone.
Unfortunately, Amazon does not support PayPal, but you need not worry because even using rechargeable cards you can request returns and quick refunds in case of problems.


Another great site we can visit to find refurbished iPhones is GrossoShop, which can be visited from here -> GrossoShop.
GrossoShop website

This site offers a full page dedicated to certified refurbished iPhones, with very attractive prices for those looking for an iPhone without spending a fortune.
The site sends iPhones from warehouses in Europe and applies the Italian warranty.
For each shipment you must pay the shipping costs of € 9.90, the shipment is avoided quickly and the only accepted payment method is PayPal, so you can buy in complete safety.


Another recommended site to buy refurbished iPhones is TrenDevice, reachable from here -> TrenDevice.
TrenDevice website

This site offers among the lowest prices on the Web for reconditioned devices, with certification on the quality of products sold.
The site supports PayPal as a payment method, offers a 12-month warranty on all devices, free returns within 14 days (in case we are not satisfied) and quick shipments (costing € 9.90).

To keep in strong consideration for the choice of a reconditioned Apple device!

Other sites to find used or refurbished iPhones

We have shown you the best sites to buy refurbished iPhones with fast shipping and secure payments, but we can also use one of the sites on the following list to find our future iPhone:

– find yourself regenerated
– Great Savings (reconditioned)
– eBay (used and reconditioned)
– Subito.it (used)
– Kijiji (used)

Whatever site you choose, make sure you pay exclusively with PayPal, so as to be protected in the event of fraud or fraud.
Avoid approximate payment systems such as direct top-ups on Postepay, money orders or other unknown payment circuits.


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