Which laptop to choose between business and consumer. The main differences

Before buy a new laptop obviously, we must know the product that you will purchase which, depending on your needs, will be a device consumer of uno business.

The differences are many and they’re not just about price but they include a whole series of specifications that are essential for professionals and in the workplace but, on the other hand, they may not be necessary for those looking a PC for everyday life. Let’s find out more about it.

The discussion on safety

Computer Cyber Security

For those who purchase a business laptop, to be used in a corporate environment, one of the first features to consider concerns the security.

A professional in any industry may need additional defensive systemscome fingerprint scanner or for the Facial recognitionso that only the owner can access the computer, excluding anyone else from the files inside it.

In some cases business computers have a encryption system much more efficient than a consumer laptop, ensuring much more stringent security measures.

Security is fundamental for companies, so even when purchasing a business laptop you must opt ​​for more efficient defensive measures

In some very particular cases there are even slots for the reading smart cards or for and the K-Slotcards or physical keys to insert into the device to use it and access the various functions and different files inside it.

Performance and functionality

Computer Performance

Of course i laptop business they are not necessarily faster than consumer laptops (and vice versa) and it depends on the hardware sector inside the car e from the final use of the device.

And this is precisely the focus of the discussion: the needs of users. Everyone who needs particular performances (for the gaming for example or for the work) will have to buy higher performing machines which will be able to run all the software you need correctly

When purchasing a new computer you must first have in mind the end use and then evaluate the hardware sector best suited to your needs

Clearly, for more specific purposes, very specific hardware will be needed, such as high-end processors, video cards specifically developed to guarantee greater computing power or a greater amount of RAM to make all activities more fluid.

Other than that, the only specs that could make the difference between a consumer and a business laptop is the presence of some less common options, such as a SIM slotfor example, excellent for those who spend many hours away from home and work on the move, or larger batteries which, in fact, can guarantee greater autonomy for those who work far from fixed power sockets.

Again in the case of company laptops, there is often a tendency to purchase devices with webcam HD and you have noise canceling microphones, for clear, interference-free calls.

Durability and resistance

Computer resistance

Clearly a computer business it must be designed for last and be efficient for much longer than a consumer laptop.

After all, a company computer must be imagined as if it were an investment and, as such, it must be efficient for as long as possible and repay the company itself for the money spent on the purchase.

That said, such a system will be implemented with better quality materials and therefore more robust, with a highest performing hardware sector or in any case with the possibility of change (at least partially) the internal componentsso as to prolong its life and keep it functioning for as long as necessary.

The software for expert users


A business laptop often comes with a “enhanced” operating system with specific functionality and many additional features developed, precisely, for work.

The options are really many, from special solutions dedicated to securityuntil you get to virtual environments where you can test applications or files without putting the system at risk or running otherwise incompatible software.

In this sense we talk about really specific characteristics which, of course, are not needed by a user with a laptop consumer.



I laptop business having a very specific function (and a much higher price) they could have some variations in the classic warranty terms.

In some cases, for example, companies could reach agreements with producers and have an extension of the warranty or particular methods of assistance (often for a fee) which guarantee more efficient support and a more “reactive” customer assistant that does not interrupt the company’s workflow.

Cost differences

Computer cost

As already said several times business laptops are priced much higher compared to a consumer level one because, in fact, they are much more “specific” devices.

For example, a computer for everyday life, with Windows or maybe a Chromebook they can start from 150 or 200 euros; of course we talk about truly entry level products but more than suitable for those who do not have particular needs.

Business laptops with a good technical section start at least from 500 o 600 eurowith the possibility of reach up to 1,000 or 2,000 euros depending on the hardware supplied.

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