Mail mailGmail and are definitely i best sites to create an email address, usable without limitations and free of charge. is from Microsoft, monopolist of operating systems for PCs while Gmail is owned by Google, a big giant in web searches and in all related services for smartphones, tablets and PCs.
So after seeing the alternatives to Google search, in this guide we will show you how to use Gmail or to read and send mail from our computer or from our favorite smartphone, showing you the merits of both services so that you can immediately choose which one to use also according to our needs.
Being both free we can also use them both, since one does not exclude the other a priori.

What to choose between Gmail and Outlook

First of all, it is important to underline that, whatever the email address used, just like with telephone numbers, you can use Outlook and Gmail without having to change your Email address, doing a kind of porting; what you are going to change then is only the web management interface of the mails. This comparison will allow you to choose wisely which service to use as the primary mail client.
Obviously to make the comparison fair we will evaluate the two web clients, neglecting the Outlook client integrated in Office (for a fee).

Why choose Outlook

One of the major advantages of Outlook is its integration with the service Microsoft OneDrive.
Thanks to the connection between the Outlook account and Onedrive it is in fact possible upload and share documents, photos, videos or other files without having to clutter the space reserved for e-mail.
In addition, with, every attachment is uploaded to OneDrive and can be viewed quickly, without having to search for the email sent or received.
Moreover with you can send attachments without limits in the same message, so that we can also send many documents together.

Outlook allows to open every Word, Excel or Powerpoint document received in the mail, through Office online, a version of the Office programs that can be used online and free of charge for view and edit documents, without ever leaving the mailbox. This feature is also owned by Gmail which allows you to edit documents received through Google Docs but on Office documents are automatically listed in a special folder. Also with you can edit the received document and reply to the sender directly from the File menu of Office Web Apps with a clearly better integration.

Microsoft has significantly improved the level of spam control with the technology of SmartScreen filter Windows: while before everything really went by, now the majority of spam emails are blocked without even showing a notification, so as to leave our mail folder always very clean. Outlook also automatically filters messages received by newslettersby moving them to their folder. Outlook categories are the equivalent of Gmail labels and I haven't seen any big differences between the two in this.

Outlook integrates great with Windows 10: all we have to do is use the same Microsoft account on Windows, so as to immediately obtain the calendar and read them through the app Mail, without having to configure anything else ..

Outlook works great on all major smartphones via the dedicated app for Android and iPhone, offering bi-directional synchronization of e-mails, calendar and address book.

But among the most useful features of Outlook we find the integration with Skype and with the Microsot Teams platform, so that you can immediately contact colleagues and friends while we receive emails or forward them immediately to a team or during a meeting.

Outlook offers two-farm authentication and also allows you to create specific passwords to be used for external applications that use address login.

Why choose Gmail

Gmail has become popular in recent years thanks to its simplicity, its immediacy and integration with other Google services, primarily the accounts with which we can download apps on Android (being always the same account, many only use Gmail as the account of mail because ready to use).

Among the functions that allow Gmail to be among the best mail services, integration with G Suite and with Google Docs, which therefore allows you to edit all our documents directly from the mail client and to save the new ones on Google Drive, which is also closely linked with Gmail.

Another popular feature of Gmail is its innovative management of labels and categories, which allows you to better organize all the emails we receive and to decide the priority of the emails, so as to immediately receive the urgent ones and to ignore the secondary ones (which we can still read at a later time).

Gmail is famous for its powerful spam filter, able to block practically any unwanted or phishing messages thanks to user reports and the analysis system of the content contained in the message (heuristic): the filter is so effective that sometimes it is necessary to check the spam folder to prevent us end up in some important message or some receipt.

Another popular feature of Gmail is the alias creation, which is very useful for disguising your address and subscribing to various services without receiving the annoying unwanted newsletters.

Security side we find the access to two factors of Google and the encryption identification system: with the latter system we can immediately check if an email received is encrypted or not by checking the small padlock next to the sender's name. We talked about these functions in our guides Google and Gmail login and login with 2-step verification is If you use an insecure email account (without encryption), change it.


The two services are practically similar and it is difficult to choose one over the other: for convenience we can use Outlook for work and Gmail to receive our personal emails, but we can very well do the opposite or use only one of the two. is also great for doing the online backup of your e-mails and to have a secondary address that supports theautomatic forwarding to turn messages to another address.
If instead we wanted to find out how to regain access to a Gmail account that we haven't used for a while, we can read our guide Retrieve a Google and Gmail account.


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