White House, stop ransomware: plan to block payments

I ransomware they are a danger all over the world but, with an impressive number of cases, the United States they undoubtedly represent one of the favorite territories for cybercriminals. Precisely for this reason it even had to take the field White House to try to stem such a huge phenomenon.

We are finalizing the Counter-Ransomware Initiative’s first joint policy statement, declaring that member governments will not pay ransoms“he told reporters on Monday Anne NeubergerWhite House Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber ​​and Emerging Technologies.

During the annual meeting of this organization, a sort of blacklist of the main organizations involved in this sector drawn up by the will also be proposed United States Department of the Treasury. Among the signatories of the Counter Ransomware Initiative there are approximately 50 countriesor about thirty more than those of theEuropean Union.

Ransomware, the United States in the crosshairs: the White House ready to act

Per Neuberger “The United States remains the most targeted country, with 46% of global cyberattacks directed against Americans“. Facts confirm these words, with ransomware attacks which, in the recent past, have literally blocked entire US cities.

The ransomware industry appears to be experiencing ever-increasing popularity among users as well less experienced hackers it’s a unstoppable overall growth.

Per Neuberger “This is the largest IT partnership in the world. Learn from each other to deepen our diplomatic partnerships, so that together we can establish and implement a set of cyber norms or rules of the road that we recognize around the world to catch ransomware threats and hold bad actors accountable“.

The latest sensational case involving this type of cyber attack has hit the multinational company involved in the aerospace sector Boeing. In this specific case, the ransomware group involved was LockBit.


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