Who is Sheryl Sandberg

Her name is Sheryl Sandberg and her name is known to all technology enthusiasts in the world. It’s about one of the most influential women, a successful entrepreneur (and not only) who had the opportunity to work at high levels, first for the government of the United States of America, where he served as chief of staff for the Secretary of the Treasury, and subsequently for Google and Facebook.

Sheryl Sandberg has collaborated with Meta for 14 years, 12 of which as a member of the board of directors. In the meantime, she has never given up on social commitment, a fundamental aspect of her life. Just think that she has publicly supported important causessuch as the role of women within public institutions and private companies.

A woman who, even today, after years of hard work, with the goals achieved he inspires young people who want to start a career in the sector of new technologies.

Who is Sheryl Sandberg, childhood and studies

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Kara Sandberg is an American entrepreneur, business executive, philanthropist, social activist and writer. She was born on August 28, 1969 in Washington DC, she is the daughter of an internationally renowned ophthalmologist and a French teacher at a local college. From the age of two she moved to Miami with her family andFrom a very young age, she demonstrated a particular ability with numbers and operations. Always at the top of her class, she gets excellent grades and results both in primary and secondary school and in college.

Equipped with above average intelligence and sensitivityalso stands out in the world of work and, at a very young age, she was added to the staff of the then United States Secretary of the Treasury. In short, a honors course noteworthy, which will lead her to be the first woman to join Facebook’s board of directors. Let’s proceed, however, in order.

In 1987 he enrolled in the Faculty of Economics at Harvard, where he graduated in 1991 with honors (summa cum laudae), a performance that earned him the John H. Williams Prize, an award reserved for the nation’s best economics graduate.

Sheryl Sandberg graduated from Harvard Economics with honors and received an important award

He subsequently enrolled at Harvard Business School, where he obtained an MBA in 1995. During these years he met the then professor Lawrence Summers, who over the years became his mentor and colleague.

The transition to the world of work, the arrival at Google and the social world

Sheryl Sandberg a Google

As soon as she graduated, Sheryl found a job as an economic and financial consultant at McKinsey & Company, a financial consultancy firm. She remains there for about a year, when she is called by Summers to fill the role as chief of staff of the Treasury Department directed by him.

Sheryl has the task of re-discussing the debt owed by developing countries to the United States.

After her experience with the US government, Sandberg was called by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to head the e-commerce department of the giant Google. Sheryl remained with the company for approximately seven years as vice president of Global Online Sale & Operation. Responsible for Big G’s expansion strategy in the field of online advertising and editorial products, she created the AdSense system.

At the end of 2007 Sheryl Sandberg met Mark Zuckerberg during a Christmas party. In March 2008 Sheryl joins Facebook’s corporate management with the role of Chief Operating Officer. Sandberg’s goal is to find a strategy to finally make the social network par excellence profitable.

The former US Treasury Department collaborator intervenes at any level to make her new “home” profitable: deciding profound strategic and structural changes in the field of communication, sales, marketing, human resources and business development. In 2010, just two years after the manager took office, Facebook managed to record the first positive balance sheet in its history. In 2012 Sheryl Sandberg joined Facebook’s board of directors, becoming the eighth member; she is the first woman ever to hold this role.

Sheryl Sandberg’s farewell to Meta

Sheryl Sandberg in Meta

Sandberg’s commitment to Meta lasted 14 years, 12 of which were spent on the company’s board of directors. Years in which his commitment was constant and guaranteed great improvements to Facebook, thanks to the constant collaboration with Mark Zuckerberg, Javi Olivan and Justin Osofsky.

For Meta, Sandberg mainly dealt with the advertising activity, increasing revenue at staggering percentages

In 2024, despite the satisfactions obtained, Sheryl Sandberg has decided to leave Meta’s board of directors, saying goodbye to the company for good and stating that she would not seek re-election. She announced it through a post on Facebook, in which she said she felt the time had come to step away from the company, while continuing to provide advice to the company if she needed it.

A choice which, despite the solidity of the company, left Meta speechless, at least initially. Zuckerberg, in fact, did not immediately announce a replacement for Sheryl Sandberg, but limited himself to thank her for her dedication and guidance, without which the success achieved would not have been possible. In 2022 he had already resigned from his role as Chief Operating Officer at Facebook.

Sheryl Sandberg, social commitment and official recognition

book by Sheryl Sandberg

Sandberg has received many awards during her career. In 2007 she is cited among the 50 most powerful women in the world by Forbes, in 2012 she was included by Time in the Time 100, a list containing the 100 most powerful people in the world. Thanks to her work in 2014 she becomes one of the youngest billionaires, while she.

In her biography there is no shortage of charitable initiatives, to which she has dedicated herself many times, trying to promote gender equality above all. To achieve this goal you wrote a book and took part in a TED Talk course discussing the lack of female presence in top roles in companies and inviting women not to be afraid and not to be held back by a cultural heritage.

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