Why are overworking cybersecurity experts a danger?

Why are overworking cybersecurity experts a danger?

When it comes to cybersecurity expertswe are referring to experts in the sector who carry out an essential task to protect the electronic devices of the population.

In this sense, some of the most zealous researchers tend to never stop working, even when they are in free time e in vacation. While this extra effort may seem welcome, it can actually lead to a number of unexpected problems.

This doubt was raised by research conducted by Centripetal. The report drawn up in this context has taken a good look 200 industry professionalshighlighting some unexpected data.

In general, it turns out that cybersecurity experts tend to be workaholics, given that the 90% of the same they check their email regularly and various work-related messaging platforms, even during holidays.

This type of behavior, however, entails considerable disadvantages. Often, those who carry out tasks in the sector are subject to large responsibility e stress, with teams that are often understaffed. As already reported in previous research, those involved in these contexts often suffer from burnout and, in case of emergency, it is less reactive.

Cybersecurity experts? I also work through the holidays and the specter of burnout

The Centripetal report highlighted other rather disarming numbers and percentages.

Il 32% of experts declares of work even at nightwhile about a fifth (i.e 18%) works more than 8 hours a day, without receiving overtime. The 46% of those interviewed said they respond to emails during the night and also work during annual holidays, to constantly provide support to their company.

About the 10% of security experts, then, declares that he is the only one in his context who can carry out certain tasks and is therefore indispensable to his colleagues.

By some estimates, IT teams can handle only two-thirds of the alerts they receive, most of which are useless. In this chaos, however, a professional stressed out e under pressure can easily lose your life in emergencies. In this sense, even the 97% of those interviewed said they were worried about missing out on essential events for the company.

Taking into account the alarming rates at which cybersecurity risks evolve, all this data is alarming to say the least.

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