Let’s see together the reasons that should push us to use Microsoft Edge on Windows instead of Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge su Windows

Google Chrome was for years the best browser we could install on Windows, given that Internet Explorer had the reputation of crashing and slowing down browsing, as well as being exposed to the main threats coming from the web.

For a few years, however, Microsoft has made a “clean sweep” of the old Internet Explorer and replaced it with Microsoft Edgeimproving it to the point of being able to define it right away the best browser that can be used on Windows 11.

In the following guide we will show you why we should start using Edge on our PC instead of Chromefocusing on the advantages offered by Microsoft’s browser and (in most cases) absent from Google’s browser.

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1) Bing Chat

Bing Chat

The most useful feature of Microsoft Edge is definitely Bing Chatthe AI ​​chat developed by Microsoft and available as a large button at the top right.

By signing in with your Microsoft account and beating the waitlist for Bing Chat we will have the possibility to search for anything directly from the integrated AI chat: all we have to do is press on the top right on the Bing Chat iconselect the precision of the chat and start writing what we are looking for or what we need to know, without searching on search engines.

2) Price comparison and coupon redemption

Coupon Edge

Another very useful feature of Microsoft Edge is the Shoppingwhich can be called up by pressing the Bing Chat button at the top right and clicking on the button Shopping in the right sidebar.

This function allows us to immediately search for the best price for each product searched for, as well as showing any coupons that we can redeem to save something on the final cost. By searching on Amazon for example, just press on the Shopping icon which will appear at the top (in the address bar) to immediately display a discount on the price and the coupons that we can use.

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3) AI image creator from text

Image Creator

Microsoft Edge never ceases to amaze, especially if we try the new feature Image Creatorwhich can be called up by pressing the Bing Chat button at the top and clicking on Image Creator in the right sidebar.

This feature will give us the ability to create images and art from textusing artificial intelligence: we will obtain unique, inimitable images with an excellent level of realism, ready to be shared on social media or used in the workplace.

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4) Drop cards, links and notes

Drop Edge

Another interesting feature of Edge is Dropwhich allows you to send the cardsnotes, links, images and notes saved on Edge to another device that uses Edgebut only if we associate the same Microsoft account on all devices.

This very interesting function can be used by pressing the button Bing Chat and clicking on Drop to log in; after logging in, just right-click on any page and click Send card to devices to continue reading on the tablet or smartphone where we have installed the Microsoft Edge app; alternatively we can press the button Submit this pagepresent in the address bar.

5) Microsoft 365 integrated

Microsoft 365

Without leaving the browser we can edit and send Office files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) directly in the Edge interface by launching the panel Microsoft 365 (by clicking on the Bing Chat button at the top right and selecting Microsoft 365).

The panel will provide quick access to online versions of Officewithout having to open dedicated programs.

This feature is great for those receives many emails with documents and wants to edit or read them on the fly within the browserwithout opening the suite installed on the PC.

6) Useful tools

Edge Tools

Those who use the browser a lot to work or study will certainly find the screen interesting Instrumentsavailable by pressing the menu Bing Chat and clicking on the button Instruments in the right sidebar.

Inside this panel we will find a calculator, a multilingual translator (based on Bing Translator), an Italian language dictionary and a unit converter, all excellent tools for working online or studying on the PC.


Microsoft Edge can be considered superior, today, to Google Chrome, thanks to the numerous functions introduced by the Microsoft browser in the sidebar: from Bing Chat to the AI ​​image generator through tools and discounts/coupons, we really find everything to work and study, without having to install extensions or PC programs.

All these new functions are in addition to those inherited from Chromiumon which Edge is based: in fact we are using a modified and revised version of Chrome but with more functions, well integrated into Windows 10 and Windows 11 and optimized to always run fast on Windows.

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