Wi-Fi on Android is connected but not surfing the Internet? Let’s see together the best tricks of the experts to return to surfing without impediments

Wi-Fi without Internet

On Android phones we can run into a very unpleasant error: even if connected to the Wi-Fi network, the device does not browse the Internetshowing theWi-Fi icon crossed out or with an exclamation mark. This error can go unnoticed, given that on Android we can use the data network connection even if connected to Wi-Fi, however causing a rapid drop in the gigabytes available on our phone.

In the following guide we will show you how to fix wifi connected no internet problem on androidfollowing quick tips applicable to any version of the Android operating system and to any phone, regardless of manufacturer.

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1) Log in on public Wi-Fi networks

If we are connected to a public Wi-Fi network in most cases we will have to access the service before we can browse the Internet.

In this case the problem can be solved quickly by pressing on notification that will appear at the top: a browser window will open where you can enter our email address, our telephone number or our access credentials to the service; after logging in we will be able to use public Wi-Fi to surf the Internet.

If we do not see any alerts or notifications appearing for the public network, we advise you to disconnect from the network, turn off the Wi-Fi, turn it on again and try accessing the public network again, so as to force the login notification to appear.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to open wifi login page on android and about how connect to the Wi-Fi of hotels, cafes or public networks without problems.

2) Correct the date and time of your phone

Some public Wi-Fi networks they do not allow access to the Internet if the system shows an incorrect time or date. This error is often overlooked but can make a difference when we browse the Internet from any type of network.

To correct the time and date, momentarily turn off the Wi-Fi, connect to the cellular network connection, open the app Settingswe press on Date and time (often hidden in another menu like Additional settings) and activate the voices Set the time automatically e Automatically set the time zone.

After setting the correct time we try to access the offending Wi-Fi network again to see if the Internet is working properly.

3) Deactivate or change private DNS server

On new versions of Android we can set up a private DNSable to speed up the Internet connection and protect the calls to the websites we make during a web search.

Private DNS is useful but can generate errors with Wi-Fi, which will be connected but no Internet; to deactivate the function go to the path Settings -> Connection and Sharing -> Private DNS and tick the voice Deactivated.

Alternatively we can also force the use of Google’s private DNS by activating the entry Private DNS provider hostname and typing the following domain in the text field that will appear:


At the end we press on Salvadisconnect from Wi-Fi, reactivate it and try to connect again to the Wi-Fi network that was causing connection problems.

4) Manage VPN and MAC address properly

Other functions that can affect navigation when connected to a Wi-Fi network are VPNs and static MAC addresses. To manage the VPN active on the phone, all we have to do is take us to the path Settings -> VPNs and try deactivating the VPN item above or switching VPN services, choosing one premium vpn service to get maximum speed on any network.

A good VPN service to try is CyberGhostable to secure and speed up your connection on any public network.

Alternatively, it is possible to manage the MAC address of the Wi-Fi connection by taking us to the path Settings -> Wifipressing on the side right on the name of the Wi-Fi network to which we are connected and changing the item Privacychoosing Use randomized MAC (most effective on public networks) or Use device MAC (are rarely private).

5) Reset network settings

If all the advice seen so far has not solved the problem of browsing on the Wi-Fi network, there is nothing left to do but reset the network settings on Android.

To proceed, open the app Settingslet’s go to the menu Connect and sharepress on Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks and Bluetooth and finally press on Reset.

On other phones the procedure is slightly different, but just open the app Settings and search, in the search bar above), the option Reset Network Settings to quickly find the entry to restore.

On this topic we can read our guide to reset network settings on android.


All these expert tips should be able to fix Wi-Fi connected no internet issues on Android.

If the phone still does not navigate the problem it could be related to the Wi-Fi modem we are connected to or a general connection error to the Internet network: to have the definitive proof, let’s try to connect to the same network with another device, so as to find out if the problem only affects our phone or affects the entire network.

In this regard, we advise you to read our guides to Wi-Fi and router connection problems solutions come on how to tell if the modem router is broken.


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