Will Microsoft bring AI to Paint with Windows 11?

Will Microsoft bring AI to Paint with Windows 11?

The integration ofartificial intelligence within Microsoft services it is happening calmly, so that the Redmond company proceeds gradually with targeted interventions on specific platforms. AI has clearly been the new focus of Satya Nadella and associates for several months, and we saw it above all during Microsoft Build 2023. The keynote anticipated the launch of Copilot, the arrival of AI on Microsoft Edge and Windows Terminal, and of course on Bing with the help of OpenAI.

Now, however, the company is apparently playing with too AI on some stock Windows 11 apps, including Paint. What is going on?

Microsoft wants AI on more Windows 11 apps

According to Windows Central, in the specific case of Paint, the generative AI will be integrated so that users can use a service similar to Bing Image Creator in the system app. As you can see from the image below – which is still an unofficial reference mock-up – Paint could eventually build on a draft design and create a more elaborate and authentic image. Or, it might rely on a text prompt to offer concrete output.

Paint IA Microsoft Windows 11 mock-up

However, also be careful of integration into other apps: Photos, for example, could be able to identify objects and people in photos, by cropping and pasting some elements on other images. This is a feature that has already been present on Android and iOS for some time, and which would be particularly useful on Windows 11. Or again, it snipping tool could get OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to easily identify characters from screenshots and quickly copy them to clipboard.

It’s unclear when these features will become available. Therefore, we advise you to be patient and wait for the first official information from the US company.

Source: Windows Central

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