WindDOC No-Profit, cloud management software for the Third Sector

WindDOC No-Profit, cloud management software for the Third Sector

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An Excel file will not save the many hours of work needed to keep one’s daily life in order Association. Anyone who has ever worked in the world of associations, especially where secretarial work is necessary, easily realizes how much activity is necessary every day to ensure that things can continue in an orderly and efficient manner. From the organization of events to the management of members, through activities related to meetings and accounting, everything is based on numbers, names, calculations and records that are entirely necessary and for which maximum reliability is needed. A spreadsheet helps for individual issues, but it is not the right answer for a broader and more complex question: managing the many challenges that must be faced on a daily basis.

A solution like that of WindDOC No-Profitthe main online management software for Third sectorwas created specifically with this aim: to help associations in their work, facilitating their mission through a series of services that reduce the time required, facilitate data recording and allow you to concentrate on the “core” aspects of association activity.

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To understand how much an application like WindDOC No-Profit can make the difference, it is necessary to review the main services offered: it will immediately become apparent how much potential lies behind a low-cost monthly investment that enables great opportunities.

WindDOC Non-Profit: all services

Third sector bodies include voluntary organisations, social promotion associations, philanthropic bodies, social enterprises, including social cooperatives, associative networks, mutual aid societies, associations, recognized or unrecognised, foundations and other private entities other than companies established for the non-profit pursuit of civic, solidarity and social utility purposes through the performance, exclusively or principally, of one or more activities of general interest in the form of action voluntary or free provision of money, goods or services, or mutuality or production or exchange of goods or services, and registered in the single national register of the Third Sector

This definition, relating to Legislative Decree 117/2017, didactically defines the Third Sector by introducing that RUNTS (“UNIcle Register of the Third Sector”) which catalogs all the associations that are part of it. For all these entities, WindDOC Non-Profit represents an important piece that provides services such as:

Custom forms

Custom forms represent one of the most interesting features as it simplifies interaction with members, users and associates. These modules help facilitate remote activities, making otherwise complex practices easier. For example, registering new members or paying membership dues requires collecting personal data, while collecting donations requires information to generate receipts. Registrations for events, such as tournaments, social dinners or training courses, can also be simplified through online forms for filling out and booking. You set up the form, upload it online, share the link: the data is automatically collected and managed, creating in an incredibly simple way what is usually managed otherwise in much cruder, cumbersome, incomplete and messy ways.

Each module can be accessible via a dedicated link on the WindDOC servers, or it can be hosted embedded on the association’s website. It is possible to configure the payment methods for each form and send personalized emails to those who complete the form, thus creating a close relationship with members, affiliates and participants in the initiatives. A clearly relevant aspect lies in the careful management of options relating to privacy, where it is necessary to guarantee the institution full compliance with current regulations.

WindDOC No-Profit: moduli online

Event management

Events are the beating heart of many associations, representing the crucial moment in which people come together to pursue their organization’s mission. Organizing an event involves providing the necessary information for participation, ensuring easy registration, promoting the event itself, collecting payments and managing reservations. A dinner, a party, a course, a trip: this process is usually complex and involves many people, often generating disorders that quickly turn into headaches and diseconomies. However, thanks to the event management offered by WindDOC No-Profit, all this is simplified through pre-configured events that include all the necessary functionality.

The service offers the possibility of sharing the registration link via email or printing a QR Code to allow quick access to the page even from mobile devices. At the end of the operations, it is possible to download a pre-filled Excel sheet, obtaining in a few moments the complete list of members, all the related data and, upon request, the self-generated receipts to be delivered to the members.

Only those with experience in the associative sector fully understand the importance of these features. The creation of entry passes, the manual addition of registrations for less technologically inclined members, and the management of specific documentation linked to each individual activity become simplified operations thanks to the use of a single software. This leads to a revolution in work processes, ensuring convenience, coordination and speed in all phases.

WindDOC Non-Profit: event management


What is the payment method preferred by your members? Cash management can be inconvenient and does not allow you to have funds in advance during the booking phase, while the use of electronic payment systems offers multiple advantages that over time (and the greater penetration of no-cash payment tools ) will become increasingly important. With WindDOC No-Profit, it is possible to enable payments via platforms such as PayPal, Satispay, Stripe or SumUp, allowing you to make automatic payments directly when completing online forms. Whether it is registration for an event, payment of the annual membership fee or a donation, the system in any case allows you to have pre-registered and adequately configured tools to allow immediate payment at the end of each procedure involving a transaction of money.


Furthermore, there are the regulatory aspects, those that require particular attention and constant updating to ensure that the association always operates in compliance with the Third Sector regulations. In accordance with art.13 of the aforementioned Legislative Decree N.117/2017, all associations and non-profit entities must draw up a clear annual financial statement. This document details the activities carried out, the expenses incurred, the revenues recorded and the final budget: a way to keep accounts in order, first of all, but above all a necessary effort at transparency that every Third Sector entity has the duty to pursue.

For many associations, this process requires many hours of work, with the processing of several tables and the constant updating of the data. However, with WindDOC No-Profit, all this becomes automatic and instantaneous. It is sufficient to continuously record the data to obtain both the economic/financial balance sheet and the compilation of the forecast statement during construction. Furthermore, thanks to the management of cost centers, it is possible to easily distinguish the different occasional fundraising activities, ensuring that the relevant report is drawn up correctly.

WindDOC Non-Profit: reporting


It is a specific obligation for each association to document its activities through detailed minutes drawn up at the end of each meeting and board of directors. These documents have the task of recording the discussions held, certifying ongoing activities and documenting the progress made by the association over time. It is not just a matter of formalities: the minutes are the documentary evidence of the democratic life of the institution, they record the decisions made by putting them in black and white and transmit the development of the activities over time.

Thanks to WindDOC No-Profit, the compilation of these minutes becomes extremely simple thanks to the use of predefined templates and the availability of data already compiled automatically, such as the personal information and social positions of the meeting participants. All formal aspects are overcome, in short to ensure that maximum care can be taken in the contents, saving time and knowing not to forget anything.

WindDOC Non-Profit: meeting minutes

Members Portal

The Members Portal represents the main interface through which each member can interact with…

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