Windows 10 21H2 is no longer supported: what does it mean

With the release of the latest security updates Microsoft, the Redmond company has confirmed that one of the most used versions of Windows 10 is no longer supported. It’s about Windows 10 21H2, feature update which the Redmond company publicly released in November 2021.

As planned, all users who still use Windows 10 21H2 on their systems today will no longer receive any security update already starting from the month of July 2023. The novelty concerns only some of the editions of Windows 10, that is Home, Pro, Pro Education e Pro for Workstations. As confirmed by the Windows 10 release infomation page, however, the editions Enterprise of Windows 10 21H2 will continue to be regularly supported until June 2024.

Microsoft forces the installation of the latest feature update

At one time, Microsoft didn’t force theinstallation of feature update or feature updates (which have become annual) for its operating systems. In fact, these are packages that, unlike the quality updates published on a monthly basis, they do not integrate security fixes but only see the addition of new features. Strictly speaking, therefore, they are deferrable updates that users can install when they see fit.

Today, however, Microsoft has theautomatic installation of the feature update newer version when there is a version on the machine that is approaching the end of support date. This activity is performed alongside the action of pressing with which Microsoft invites you to upgrade your system to Windows 11 for free, on machines that meet the minimum requirements.

The techniques to block the upgrade to Windows 11 also work with i feature update of Windows 10. You can do that Windows Update and other components of the operating system do not urge the user to install the latest version and never force the installation of thefeature update most recent.

Be careful not to use Windows 10 21H2 and other versions that are no longer supported

Pressing the key combination Windows+R then typing winveryou can check the version of Windows 10 installed and in use on your machine. Referring to the support page mentioned at the beginning, it is essential to check that it is fully supported by Microsoft.

In fact, the risk is that of continuing to use a version of Windows 10 that no longer receives any monthly security update. If the wording appears next to the version of Windows 10 in use End of servicing or, even, the name of the version no longer appeared in the table Servicing channelsthe advice is to update as soon as possible feature update most recent.

To do so, you can visit the Download Windows 10 page, click on Update now and start the Windows 10 Update Assistant.Update assistant it adjusts Windows 10 to the latest feature update without data loss and without changing the system configuration.

At this point, Windows 10 22H2 is the latest version of the Microsoft operating system that the Redmond company will support until pick up date of the platform, scheduled for October 2025.


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