Windows 10 logo: maybe you don’t know how it was born

Windows 10 logo: maybe you don't know how it was born

You know the famous wallpaper with the Windows 10 logo what do we show in the figure? Have you ever wondered where it comes from and how it was made? Incredibly, it is not a simple digital creation but the result of painstaking work carried out by the designer Bradley Munkowitz, also known as GMUNK, and its collaborators. He is the son of a ‘physical installation which involved the use of mirrors, lasers (“shot” through a real window) and smoke machines.

Munkowitz and “his” took thousands of photos using various colored filters. With the support of the team Windows Brand from Microsoft, then combined the best shots to create a single final image. The one who would later become the historian wallpaper.

Watching the video published on YouTube, which describes all the steps – which took place over two long days of intense work – will make you look at the Windows 10 logo and the popular desktop wallpaper with different eyes.

The “hidden magic” of the Windows 10 logo wallpaper

We are now living in the era of images generated byartificial intelligence. In 2015, however, Munkowitz created a work of art using only physical elements.

When Microsoft launched Windows 10, the operating system immediately won the favor of users. It was a “return to the origins” after the experience with Windows 8.x, which proved to be an absolute failure and hastily shelved by Microsoft’s top management.

Few, however, have paid attention to it default background of Windows 10, considering it as simple, rather “ordinary” 3D graphics. In fact, the story that led to the birth of the wallpaper is quite fascinating.

The GMUNK team has physically arranged a laser projector behind the physical Windows 10 logo, installed like a window. The contrast with the black background allowed us to create a truly interesting visual effect overall.

Filming involved two sets operating in parallel, to maximize productivity. Using a camera Phase One 9Kover 3,000 different exposures of the logo were captured and combined in post-production.

For more information, you can refer to the historical post Windows 10 Desktop. Inside you can also find the positioning scheme of the physical elements that contributed to the formation of the historic Windows 10 logo.

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