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We have said several times, as in the article on how to fix Windows Update installation problems, of how essential it is for computer security reasons that Windows Update works automatically and installs the important updates released every week by Microsoft.
However, it sometimes happens that Microsoft releases updates that are classified as not important, but how optional, which do not install automatically but require manual intervention. A normal PC user may also never notice these optional updates if they don’t open Windows Update and select them for installation.What used to be called easy updates are now reported in Windows 10 (within Windows Update) as “Quality upgrade available optional“, which awaits the user’s action to be installed. It is therefore a different type compared to the classic security updates released every week by Microsoft, closely linked to what is called quality and functionality updates, those that change the version of Windows 10 by adding new features.

The question is: these optional updates should we install or not?
An “optional quality upgrade” is a Windows update that does not need to be installed immediately and that does not follow the Windows Update automatic installation rule. These updates never include security patches which are always installed immediately (unless you set up Windows 10 to block automatic updates) These optional updates solve PC stability problems and correct minor errors with the compatibility of the hardware used. You can choose to install them or not, with no particular contraindications.
Windows optional updates are not considered critical, they are not security patches and are optional and therefore installed automatically. In general, these are updates intended to fix problems in Windows.
Among the optional updates, there are usually patches to fix small bugs that lead to computer crashes, updates of minor tools, driver updates, patches for Office programs, and various types of adjustments, which do not concern the security of the computer. they are considered important and mandatory.
These updates are infrequent and it is by no means mandatory to install them: if you encounter a problem with your PC, installing the optional update can be a way to solve it, otherwise, they are still stable updates and do not concern experimental functions like those that you would receive by activating the Windows Insider program.

Check for optional updates to download on Windows 10

In Windows 10, to check the availability of optional quality updates, you need to open the Start menu and then the Settings. In the Update & Security> Windows Update section, you can press the “Check for updates” to check for new updates. Usually, this operation is unnecessary on a PC used every day because updates are automatically checked, while on a PC that is turned on infrequently, checking for new updates is something that must always be also done manually.
If an optional quality update is available, a message will appear below the “Check for updates” which warns of a new Optional quality upgrade available. By pressing the “Download and install“you can install the update, otherwise you can ignore this message and leave it where it is.

You can also just click on the link “View all optional updates” to see all optional updates that can be installed.

If there is a problem with an update, you can go on Settings> Update and security> Windows Update> View update history and press Uninstall the updates to remove the update from Windows 10.

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