Windows 11, advanced settings for developers are coming

Microsoft recognizes that the advanced settings There are so many Windows 11 options that can be activated “under the hood”. Too many. In most cases, to enable them you need to intervene directly in the system registry or start a specific script. Yet, many of these settings are essential, especially for those who deal with software development.

The technicians of the Redmond company write on GitHub that there are many adjustments that are inaccessible via the Windows 11which can be recalled by pressing the key combination Windows+I. Furthermore, there is no single place where developers can discover new features of the operating system and modify them accordingly.

Dev Home as a tool to act on the advanced settings of Windows 11

For some time now, the Windows developers they can use Dev Home, a tool that primarily allows you to keep information about workflows and coding activities in one place. With Dev Home it is possible not only to manage and monitor software projects in the development phase, but also to automate the configuration of the system in use with everything needed in terms of development environment.

The important innovation that Microsoft technicians are working on is the introduction of the section Advanced settings in Dev Home. Inside you can find the better settings to optimize your machine depending on the specific use case.

Advanced Windows 11 settings for developers

As seen in the image, Dev Home allows you to directly act on a whole series of settings File Explorer. Thanks to Dev Home, the file manager of Windows 11 is enriched with version control (with the possibility of adding a dedicated column), provides for changing the icon defined for repository of the code, allows you to enable file extensions by default, show hidden and system files, display full paths and empty drives.

Over time, the section Advanced settings of Dev Home will offer the possibility to intervene on other aspects related to Windows 11 setup.

In another article, excluding the adjustments more oriented towards programmers, we saw how to speed up Windows 11 and optimize the system.


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